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Porch Stomp 2019 - what you need to know!

Read below for some important last-minute details to ensure your day of folk music fun is as smooth as strawberry wine (or Blue Point Mosaic IPA):

Getting to Porch Stomp

Governors Island is only accessible via ferry -- you cannot drive a car there. The Governors Island ferry schedule is HERE. Ferries run every 20 minutes (!!) from lower Manhattan (the Battery Maritime Building), starting at 10am, and every 45 minutes from Brooklyn (Pier 6) starting at 11am. The ferries do fill up, so be sure to get there early to get in line. The Ferry costs $3 round-trip (you only pay on the way there), but is FREE before 12pm, so that's a great incentive to arrive early!! In addition to the Governors Island Ferry, you can also take NYC Ferry! NYC Ferry runs every 30 minutes from Wall Street Pier 11 starting at 10am, and costs $2.75. Schedule is HERE. This is an especially good option if you miss the Governors Island Ferry, or the line is too long -- Pier 11 is about a 7 minute walk from the Battery Maritime Building. The ferry ride to Governors Island takes approximately 8 minutes.

What happens once I arrive at Porch Stomp?

To find the Porch Stomp 2019 artist schedule, click HERE. There will be a big map at Artist Headquarters showing stage locations -- consult the map or ask a volunteer to find the stage you're looking for, OR just take a little stroll around Nolan Park! You can walk the periphery of the park in about 8 minutes, and you'll surely find what you're looking for. See below for a map of HQ:

What happens after Porch Stomp?

We're having an afterparty at Cowgirl Seahorse!! Join us from 7pm on at 259 Front Street in Manhattan (~15 minute walk from the Battery Maritime Building). for more music, delicious food, and happy hour specials from 8pm til late! We're so lucky to have Christian Apuzzo and Larry Cook as our house band for the jam! Click HERE for more info.

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