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The full Porch Stomp 2024 line-up!! Orange letters = bring an instrument, your voice, or your body and join on in! Most stages will run from from 11am-5pm, and the finale will take place at 5:30pm right near HQ.

Click HERE to download a PDF printout of the full schedule by time

Click HERE to download a PDF printout of the full schedule by artist

(NOTE: stage schedules are subject to change) 

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A special performance from Bricks and Bones, 2pm at HQ

Sea Shanties at Soisson's Landing, 11-1145am 

Vocal warm-ups with Sophie Lair-Berreby, House #404a, Colonel's Row, 11am--5pm

(email Sophie to reserve a slot:

2) Hoover Dam Collective Stage: 

11am: Overall Philosophy

1130am: Madame Henni

12pm: Walls of Time

1230pm: Erik Alvar

1pm: Emma and Joel Turoff with Jackson Earles

130pm: The New Students

2pm: Marcus Jade

230pm: Y'all Stars

3pm: J.M. Clifford

330pm: Ricky Stein

4pm: Clover's Curfew

430pm: The West Side Cowboys

1) Cowgirl Seahorse Stage: 

11am: Matt Basile

1130am: Mark Meyer

12pm: Chris Q Murphy 

1230pm: The Locksmiths 

1pm: Jim Knable & The Randy Bandits

130pm: Sean Kershaw

2pm: Seth Goldart

230pm: Phil Gammage

3pm: Lonesome Fausto Bozza

330pm: Joe Maynard

4pm: Cole Quest and the City Pickers

430pm: Arcana

3) Bushwick Book Club:

1220pm:  Risa Mickenberg 

1240pm: Serena Jost

1pm: Margo Luxlun, yoga,music,poetry

130pm: BREAK

140pm: Phoebe Kreutz

2pm: Matt Colbourn

220pm: Troy Ogilvie

240pm: Boy Meets Pearl

3pm: Chris Rael and Sasha Rael

320pm: Henry Tenney and The Highland Shatners

340pm: Don Rauf

4pm: Ralph Denzer / Susan Hwang / Stephanie Larriere

4) Folk Music Society of New York: 

1145am: Irish Session w/ Matthew Christian

1pm: Copper Santiago

130pm: Ken Schatz

2pm: Elizabeth LaPrelle & Brian Dolphin

230pm: Baes of Biscay

3pm: Pamela Jean & the Iona Session

330pm: Sarah Murdoch

4pm: Jefferson Hamer & Rob Jost

430pm: Brooklyn Stoop Singers

5) Christopher Street Open Mic Stage 

11am: Theresa Rosas, Grayson Dantzic

1130am: Johnny Honesty, The Mangfather Bob Katz

12pm: Open Mic hosted by Brooke Lynn McGowan

1230pm: Avon Faire

1pm: Stephen Stavola, Joel Lederer

130pm: City Island

2pm: Open Mic hosted by Brooke Lynn McGowan

230pm: Jamie Beauchamp, Raul Colon

3pm: Andy Marino, Tim Skehan

330pm: Freddy Hall

4pm: Open Mic hosted by Brooke Lynn McGowan

430pm: Jon Berger, Stephen Gullo

7) Roomful of Sky Music Stage:

11am: Lisa Roma 

1130am: Samantha Echo 

12pm: Captain Ronzo and Heide 

1230pm:  Lesser Known Women

1pm: Phil Robinson

130pm: Petra Jasmiina 

2pm: Johanna Telander 

230pm: Scott Krokoff 

3pm: Jordan Siwek 

330pm: Tuesday's Child 

4pm: Meghan Pulles 

430pm: Jeff Jacobs

8) Old Bay Boys and Girls Stage 

12pm: Belle Shea

1pm: Riley Burke

2pm: Sami Cuervo

230pm: Sarah The Mouse

3pm: Magickal Creatures

330pm: The Midnight Doves

6) Music Country Stage: 

1pm: Marcus Jade 

2pm: Bluegrass Collusion 

3pm: Tara Linhardt's Jam

4pm: Grace Leckey & Jessie Bittner

9) Jalopy

11am: Riyae Park & Louie Piscitello - Jalopy Kids!

1130am: Clover

12pm: Jackson Lynch

1230pm: Charlie Arbie

1pm: Dirty Mother String Band

130pm: Samoa Wilson

2pm: Carolyn Shapiro

230pm: Hayley Harrington

3pm: June Apples

330pm: Jalopy's BanjOrchestra!!!

4pm: Trail Papa

430pm: Rabbit in the Rye

10) People’s Voice Cafe 

11:00 AM - 12:00 noon

40-minute open stage for any PVC performer


12:00 noon - 1:00 PM

Lindsey Wilson

Brie Kelly

Rubén Gonzalez


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Steve Suffet

Barbara Rosica

Jenny Hurwitz


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Judy Gorman

Lydia Adams Davis

Pat Lamanna


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Joel Landy

Cleo Carol Knopf

Gary Allard


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Violizzy Taub

Bob Malenky

Hudson Valley Sally

11) Flatfoot Flatbush Old Time Jam 

12-4pm: Old Time jam,

w/ Nate Sabat, Jefferson Hamer, and Becca Wintle 

1pm: Contra dance w/ Brooklyn Contra 

3pm: Square Dance w/ Megan Downes

12) Tone’s Bluegrass Jam 


13) Little Eva’s Stage: 

1130am: O’ Duo and Friends 

12pm: Christine Sweeney and the Dirty Stayouts 

1230pm: Brooklyn OG 

1pm: Sam Brown 

130pm: Ally Brown 

2pm: Ohene Cornelius 

230pm: David Redbranch 

3pm: Cupid and the Cowboy 

330pm: The Diamond Spur Rodeo

4pm: Bad Faces 

14) Threes Brewing Stage: 

11am: Sam & Seth Sing Sad Songs

1130am: The Sentimentals

12pm: Zach Berkman

1230pm: Sean Rosenberry

1pm: Emily McNally

130pm: Stell and Snuggs

2pm: Wyatt Camery and Justin Pelofsky 

230pm: Alex Kuchta

3pm: Fabio Fantuzzi

330pm: Lauren Jaimes

4pm: Catahoula Cajun

430pm: Camp Bedford

15) Kat & Friends Stage 

11am: Rob Taube

1125am: Victor V. Gurbo

1150am: Su Polo

1215pm: Vern Woodhead

1240pm: Sheriff Bob

105pm: Ruth

130pm: Country City

155pm: Bill & Phyl

220pm: Cassidy Ideah

245pm: Roger Manning

310pm: Aaron Gamman

335pm: Reid Riddiough

4pm: Comfort Cat

425pm: Gowanus Wildcats Drill Team

450pm: Batalá New York

16) Brooklyn Ukulele Festival 

1130am: Open Mic

12pm: Gwendolyn Fitz

1230pm: NYC Uke Squad 

1pm: Shawtime Duo

130pm: Jenny Selig

2pm: Paul Hennessee

230pm: Ukulele Jake

3pm: Rachel Haymer

330pm: Play-Along

4pm: Open Mic

17) Hudson Family Jam Stage 

11am-2pm: Hudson Family Jam 

2pm-230pm: Bantam Studios Folk Jam Class 

230pm: Improvisation Workshop with Todd Rogers

18) Equality is Sexy Stage 

1130am: Princess Pamela

1150am: Meghan Nutmeg

1205pm: Sue Lashley and Mick

1220pm: Don Turner, Valerie Gomes

1250pm: Paul Decoster

120pm: Wooden Jelly Spoon And Peanut 

150pm: Josh Ribakove "Texas Trio"

220pm: Brooklyn Tim 

250pm: Violizzy 

310pm: QueenPins

350pm: Michael McHugh & Friends

430pm: Group Finale

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