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Porch Stomp 2022 Full Line-up! Orange letters = bring an instrument, your voice, or your body and join on in! 


1) Cowgirl Seahorse Stage: 

11am: Snowy Mountain Sisters 

11:30am: Man Made Hills 

12pm: Mark Meyer 

12:30pm: Curtis and the Dilettantes 

1pm: Phil Gammage 

1:30pm: Paper Anniversary 

2pm: Hecate 

230pm: Kevin December 

3pm: Sean Kershaw  

3:30pm: Maynard and the Musties  

4pm: Acoustic Adventure

2) Hoover Dam Collective Stage:  

11am: The Prophets Guild  

11:30am: Wind in the Pines 

12pm: J.M. Clifford 

12:30pm: Brooklyn Accent 

1pm: Chunk McGowan 

1:30pm: Madame Henni 

2pm: Kate Prascher 

230pm: Larry Legend  

3pm: Cynthia and Kevin  

3:30pm: Bears of Alaska  

4pm: Hilary Hawke

430pm: Queens of Everything

3) Folk Music Society of NY Stage: 


11am: Maia McCormick   

11:35am: Liz Hanley and Jefferson Hamer 

12:10pm: Gaya Sriskanthan 

12:45pm: Gaby Marantz 

1:20pm: Debbie Rich and Ron Pecan 

1:55pm: Sarah Murdoch 

2:30pm: Pamela Jean 

3:05pm: Music The Gathering 

3:40pm: Brooklyn Stoop Singers 

4:30pm: Open Finale/ Sing 

4) Irish Arts Center Stage


11am: Andy Fitzpatrick 

12pm: Irish Dance Workshop with Jonathan Matthews and Laura Neese 

12:30pm: Pat Mangan, Matt Stapleton, and Cillian Vallely 

1pm: Rebecca Hart and the Wrong Band 

2pm: Ceili Workshop with Jonathan Matthews and Laura Neese 

2:30pm: Open Session with Pat Mangan, Matt Stapleton, and Cillian Vallely 

3:30pm: Pamela Jean Agaloos and Matt Diaz

5) Roomful of Sky Music Stage

11am: Meghan Pulles  

11:30am: Swagata Biswas  

12pm: Tonie 

12:30pm: Phil Robinson 

1pm: Jordan Siwek 

1:30pm: Carl Banks 

2pm: Chloe Hennessee 

230pm: Victor V Gurbo 

3pm: Jason Vitelli 

3:30pm: Scott Krokoff 

4pm: Jeff Jacobs

430pm: Heather Conrad 

7) Nick Horner Family Stage


1130am: Taylor Plas

12pm: Johanna Wacker 

12:30pm: Love? Said the Commander 

1pm: Trip Henderson 

1:30pm: Marcus Jade 

2pm: Brett Altman 

230pm: Hallie Spoor Band  

3pm: Clover’s Curfew  

3:30pm: Roger Manning 

4pm: Emily Mcnally

8) Big City Folk Stage


12pm: Chris Q Murphy 

12:30pm: Maggy Adeleye 

1pm: Bexarkana 

1:30pm: Cordelia Stephens  

2pm: Adnan Sabir 

230pm: The Locksmiths   

3pm: May Cheung  

3:30pm: Gawain and the Green Knights 

4pm: Niall Connolly


9) Flatfoot Flatbush Old Time Jam Stage


12-4pm with Megan Downes, Jaden Gladstone, Eli Hetko, Ilan Moss, Joe Bass and Jefferson Hamer

1-2pm: Contradance with Brooklyn Contra

3-345pm: Square Dance with Megan Downes

11) Bushwick Book Club Stage

1130am: Opening Ritual with Susan Hwang and Sung Uni Lee 

1145am: Teresa Toro 

12pm: Phoebe Kreutz 

12:15pm: Matt Colbourne 

12:30pm: Casey Holford 

12:45pm: Charlie Nieland 

1pm: Chris Rael 

1:15pm: Juliet Garrett 

1:30pm: Henry Tenney 

1:45pm: Winter Drinks 

2pm: Don Rauf 

2:15pm: Lianne Smith 

2:30pm: Serena Jost, Mallory Feuer, and Herb Scher 

2:45pm: Sung Uni Lee 

3pm: The Vonnegut Hour 

4pm: Boy Meets Pearl 

4:15pm: Risa Mickenberg 

4:30pm: Carrie Beehan

4:45pm: Closing Ritual with Susan Hwang and Sung Uni Lee


10) Sea Shanties at Yankee Pier 


11am-12pm with Tim Davis and Sander Randall

13) Sunny's Bar Bluegrass Jam


2-5pm, Bring an instrument and join in! 

14) Songwriter Stage


11am: Jacob Derwin 

11:30am: Ryan Foley 

12pm: Gerry Segal 

12:30pm: Kayka

1pm: Southwestern Sky 

1:30pm: Jim Knable 

2pm: Robin Rothman 

230pm: Adam Najemian  

3pm: Open

3:30pm: Ken Samuelsen

4pm: Liz Hogg

15) Kat and Friends Stage


11am: Preetha

11:25am: Botsband 

11:45am: Tamar Korn 

12:10pm: Rob Taube

12:35pm: Su Polo 

1255pm: Reid Riddiough 

1:20pm: Aaron Gamman  

145pm: Mike Buscemi 

2pm: Vern Woodhead

225pm: The Hat Cousins 

250pm: Nine Pound Hammer 

3:15pm: Grand Central Breakdown 

3:40pm: Comfort Cat 

4:05pm: Sheriff Bob 

4:30pm: Gowanus Wildcats Drill Team 

16) Violizzy Stage


11am: Barry Oreck 

11:30am: Christine Obiamalu 

12pm: Judy Gorman 

12:30pm: Violizzy 

1pm: Hilary Hawke 

130pm: Lucas Rotman

16) Equality is Sexy Stage

2pm: Princess Pamela 

2:15pm: Marilynn Larkin 

2:35pm: Janet Burgan

2:55pm: Rigel Mary and the Queen Pins 

3:15pm: Mike McHugh and the Equality is Sexy Band 

3:45pm: Val Kinzler 

4:15pm: Myra and the Bulldog

17) Hudson Family Jam


11am-2pm, bring an instrument and join in! with Conchi Marie Alarcon, Uncle John Giriat, Ron Zwerdling, Dan Robbins, Liz “Uke Whisperer” Wolfe, Jon Herman, and T.M.Nevins

6) People's Voice Cafe Stage

11am: Open Stage 

11:30am: Mario Cancel-Bigay   

12pm: Lindsey Wilson, Steve Suffet, Thelma Thomas, Robbie Wedeen

1pm: Marie Mularczyk O’Connell and the Mountain Maidens, Joel Landy, Barry Oreck, and Hudson Valley Sally 

2pm: Judy Gorman, Violizzy, Fred Arcoleo, and Bob Malenky  

3pm: Sally Campbell, Joshua Garcia, Pat Lamanna, Lydia Adams Davis 

4pm: Gary Allard, Chris Lang, Cleo Knopf, The Ranzo Boys

12) Brooklyn Ukulele Festival Stage


11am: Opening Playbook 

1130am: Gwendolyn Fitz 

12pm: Open Mic Featuring Shawtime Duo 

12:30pm: Ukulele Jake 

1pm: Jiggy with Viggy 

1:30pm: Natalie Mack  

2pm: Afternoon Playalong

230pm: Jenny Selig and the Uke Squad 

3pm: Rachel Haymer 

3:30pm: Open Mic 2

4pm: Final Playalong

17) Catahoula Cajun Band


230- 4pm with Julie WInterbottom, Deborah Monlux, Erica Weiss, Anne Jacobs, Frank Luschinsky, and Scott Fine 

230-315pm: Performance 

315-4pm: Cajun Jam

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