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Porch Stomp 2023 Full Line-up! Orange letters = bring an instrument, your voice, or your body and join on in!

A PDF of concerts by time can be found HERE.

The Porch Stomp 2023 Finale information can be found HERE.

FINAL Porch Stomp Map 2023 (Clean).jpg

1) Cowgirl Seahorse Stage: 

Cowgirl Seahorse:

11am Sean Rosenberry

1130am Seth Goldart & Company

12pm Matt Basile

1230pm Jarielle 

1pm Cole Quest and the City Pickers

130pm Paper Anniversary

2pm Phil Gammage & Friends

230pm Mike O'Duo

3pm Mark Meyer

330pm Murphy's Lawyer

4pm  Lonesome Fausto Bozza

430pm Mark Ettinger

2) Hoover Dam Collective Stage:  


11am: Wind in the Pines 

1130am: J.M. Clifford 

12pm: Cynthia and Kevin 

1230pm: Sam and Seth

1pm: The Sentimentals 

130pm: The Aeroplane Pilot and The First Nate 

2pm: Lucas Miller and Dressler Parsons

230pm: Walls of Time 

3pm: Y'all Stars

330pm: Marcus Jade

4pm: Ricky Stein & The Blue Callers

430pm: Hot Club of Gowanus

3) Bushwick Book Club:

11am spiritchild (opening ritual / land acknowledgement)

1110am Phoebe Kreutz

1130am Matt Colbourne

1150am Casey Holford

12:10pm Katy Pinke w/ Mike Gebhart

1230pm Henry Tenney / Highland Shatners

1250pm Carrie Beehan and Joff Wilson

110pm Susan Hwang

130pm Charlie Nieland

150pm Troy Ogilvie

210pm Juliet Garrett

230pm Stephanie Larrierre

250pm Don Rauf

310pm Lianne Smith

330pm Bpo Bpo Magic (spa break)

350pm Risa Mickenberg

410pm Chris Rael

430pm spiritchild

4) Folk Music Society of New York Stage  


1130am Sarah Murdoch 

1205pm Copper Santiago

1240pm Steven Czajkowski & Matthew Christian 

115pm Pamela Jean & The Iona Session 

150pm A.J. Wright 

225pm Liz Hanley & Jefferson Hamer 

3pm Elizabeth LaPrelle & Brian Dolphin 

335pm Vanessa Bellew 

410pm The Brooklyn Stoop Singers

5) Irish Arts Center Stage


11am Emily McNally 

12pm Irish Dance Workshop with Darrah Carr Dance

1230pm Anna Colliton, Eamon O'Leary, and Isaac Alderson 

1pm Rebecca Hart

2pm Irish Dance Workshop with Darrah Carr Dance

230pm Anna Colliton, Eamon O'Leary, and Isaac Alderson 

3pm Liz Hanley and Jefferson Hamer 

415pm Open Jam with Matthew Christian and Matt Diaz

6) Music Country Stage 

12pm Bluegrass Collusion 

1pm Jim Knable 

2pm Marcus Jade 

3pm Grace Leckey and Jessie Bittner

7) Roomful of Sky Music Stage 


11am Kenneth Silerberg

1130am Swagata Biswas

12pmLuxury Bones

1230pm Anastazja

1pm Phil Robinson

130pm Petra Jasmiina

2pm Johanna Telander

230pm Jordan Siwek

3pm Tuesday's Child

330pm Scott Krokoff

4pm Jason Vitelli

430pm Squeaky Markers

8) Big City Folk Stage 

11am The Locksmiths

1130am A Million Sweethearts

12pm Ali Aslam

1230pm Chris Q Murphy & The Automat

1pm Mel & The Tall Boys

130pm Apollo Flowerchild

2pm Cordelia Stephens

230pm The Belle Curves

3pm Gawain and the Green Knight


9) Nick Horner Family Stage 


1130am Luke Herbermann

12pm Zach Berkman

1230pm Rory D’Lasnow

1pm Fabio Fantuzzi

130pm Wolf Van Elfmann

2pm Ohene 

230pm Reese Fulmer

3pm Collin and JP

330pm Cara Scarmack

4pm Hallie Spoor

430pm Carteret and Anna

10) Dante Mazzetti and Friends Stage 

11am Frank Mazzetti 

1130am Kitty Twitty and Smokin’ Joe Hanes 

12pm CloudPainter 

1230pm Brooke Lynn McGowan 

1pm Orly Bendavid 

130pm Benjamin Miller 

2pm Secret Handshake 

3pm Damn Tall Buildings 

4pm Dante Mazzetti

11) People's Voice Cafe Stage 

11am Open stage

1130am Brooklyn Stoop Singers

12pm Lindsey Wilson

1220pm Cleo Carol Knopf

1240pm Daniel Sofaer

1pm Mario Cancel-Bigay

120pm Sharleen Leahey

140pm Steve Suffet

2pm Judy Gorman

220pm Gary Allard

240pm Pat Lamanna

3pm Joel Landy

320pm Lydia Adams Davis

340pm Mike Glick

4pm Marie Mularczyk O'Connell and the Mountain Maidens

430pm Hudson Valley Sally

12) Jalopy Theater Stage 

12pm Almost Kin

1 pm Jalopy's Banjorchestra

130pm Liz + Sarahs

2pm Nine Pound Hammer

230pm Wyndham & Emmarose

3pm Christian Apuzzo & Friends

330pm Sarah Trabue

4pm Kyle Tigges

13) Flatfoot Flatbush Old Time Jam 

12-4pm with Megan Downes, Jaden Gladstone, Eli Hetko, Erica Weiss, and Matt Quinones 

1pm: Flatfooting workshop with Megan Downes 

2pm: Contradance with Brooklyn Contra

3pm: Square Dance with Megan Downes

16) Brooklyn Ukulele Festival Stage 


11am Opening Playbook 

1130am Open Mic 1 

12pm Rachel Haymer 

1230pm Paul Hennessee

1pm NYC Uke Squad

130pm Gwendolyn Fitz 

2pm Natalie Mack 

230pm Shawtime Duo 

3pm Jenny Selig 

330pm Playalong 2 

4pm Open Mic 2

19) Old Bay Boys and Girls Stage 


11am Riley Burke 

12pm Sander Randall and Riley Taggart 

1pm Abby Buchmeyer 

130pm Old Father Eternity 

2pm Small Chucks 

230pm Sarah The Mouse 

3pm Magickal Creatures 

330pm Jeff Jakobs

4pm Alex Kuckta 

430pm Clay Russell

15) Sunny's Bar Bluegrass Jam


2-5pm, Bring an instrument and join in! 

14) Kat and Friends Stage 

Kat 'n' Friends

11am Vern Woodhead

1125am Bill and Phyl

1150am Country City

1215pm Victor V. Gurbo

12:40pm Nine Pound Hammer

1pm Rob Taube

120pm Ro Redfern

140pm Christian Coley

2pm Su Polo

2:20pm Michael Buscemi

240pm Roger Manning

3pm Aaron Gamman

320pm The Violet Mine with Annie Minogue

340pm Reid Riddiough

4pm Comfort Cat

4:20pm Tamar Korn 

4:40pm Gowanus Wildcats Drill Team

18) Equality is Sexy Stage 


11am Princess Pamela 

1130am Lisa Roma 

12pm Janet Burgan 

1230pm Rigel & Chris 

1pm Josh Ribakove

130pm Paul Decoster

2pm flezaDoza

230pm Don Turner w/ Val Gomes 

3pm Michael McHugh and Free World with Don Turner & Brooklyn Tim & featuring a duet with flezaDoza

345pm Val Kinzler and Friends

17) Hudson Family Jam Stage 

11am-2pm Hudson Family Open Jam, with house band Conchi Marie Alarcon, Uncle John Giriat, "Commander" Ron Zwerdling, "Cousin" Johnny Vitale, Bob "Point 'n' Shoot" Hochman, and Jon Herman - guitar, T.M. Nevins

2pm The Hip Trendersons 

3pm T.M. Nevins and the New York Minute 

4pm Catahoula Cajun Band 

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