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Porch Stomp 2021 Full Line-up! Red letters = bring an instrument or your voice and join on in! 

Cowgirl Seahorse


11am: Deborah Karpel

11:25am: Curtis and the Dilettantes

11:50am: Naomi Vernon 

12:15pm: Phil Gammage 

12:40pm: Haley May 

1:05pm: The Haggard Kings

1:30pm: BREAK

1:55pm: Mark Meyer 

2:20pm: Man Made Hills

2:45pm: Bobby Blue 

3:10pm: Fausto 

3:35pm: Olivia Ellen Lloyd

4pm: Cole Quest and the City Pickers 

4:25pm: Maynard and the Musties

4:50pm: Sean Kershaw

Hoover Dam Collective 

11am: Chunk McGowan 

11:25am: Calvin Rezen

11:50am: Jay Miners 

12:15pm:  Mandology

12:40pm: Barry Oreck and Friends 

1:05pm: Tillett St James 

1:30pm: Madame Henni 

1:55pm: Kate Prascher 

2:20pm: Cynthia and Kevin Cahill 

2:45pm: Robert Brashaer 

3:10pm: Fox Chasers 

3:35pm: Ricky Stein and the Blue Callers 

4pm: Swan Band

4:25pm: Driftwood Soldier

Nick Horner Family

11am: Noah Evan Wilson

1130am: Hallie Spoor

12pm: Johanna Wacker

12pm: Zach Williams

1pm: Mike Clifford

1:30pm: Mia Theodoratus

2pm: BKCM Wind In The Pines

2:30pm: Gawain and the Green Knight

3pm: The Locksmiths

3:30pm: New Students

4pm: Petra Jasmiina

4:30pm: Cardboard Rocketship

Live Muzic Mondayz

11am: Preetha

11:25am: Meghan Pulles

11:50am: Victor V. Gurbo 

12:15pm: Barry Komitor 

12:40pm: Comfort Cat 

1:05pm: Kat and Friends, with special guest Tune 

1:30pm: Vern Woodhead 

1:55pm: Princess Pamela 

2:15pm: Su Polo

2:35pm: Captain Bob Abrahams

2:50pm: Phyllis and Phreinds 

3:15pm: Rob Taube

3:40pm: Roger Manning 

4:05pm: Sheriff Bob 

4:30pm: Gowanus Wildcats Drill Team

Bushwick Book Club Stage

Set One: 

11am: Phoebe Kreutz

11:30am: Mallory Feuer/ Grasping Straws 

11:40am: Annie McCain Engman & DK Allen

11:55am: Yoko Kikuchi

12:10pm: Jim Flynn

12:25pm: Teresa Toro 

12:40pm: The Winter Drinks/ Richard Alwyn


Set Two: 

1pm: John S. Hall

1:20pm: Sung Uni Lee

1:35pm: Boy Meets Pearl

1:50pm: Susan Hwang

2:05pm: Jim Andralis 

2:20pm: Casey Halford 


Set Three: 

2:35pm: T Spoon Phillips, Henry Tenney & The Highland Shatners 

3:00pm: Doug Linse 

3:15pm: Ray Brown 

3:30pm: Charlie Nieland 

4pm: Don Rauf

4:30pm: Jason Trachtenburg 

Music Country Stage 

12pm: Bluegrass Collusion 

1pm: Nate Sabat 

2pm: Hilary Hawke

3pm: Marcus Jade

Folk Society of NY


11am: Mountain Maidens

1135am: Doreen Hayden D’Amico

12:10pm: Katie Naplatarski

12:45pm:  Debbie Rich And Ron Pecan

1:20: Robbie Wedeen

1:50: Steve Suffet 

2:25pm: Nancy and Bob Montgomery

3pm: Pamela Jean Agaloos

3:35pm: Lafayette Matthews and Jules Peiperl

4:10pm: New York Packet

445pm: Hootenanny

People's Voice Cafe: 


11am - 12pm

Steve Suffet, anchor / MC

Open stage for any Peoples' Voice Cafe performers, past or present.


12pm - 1pm

Pat Lamanna, anchor / MC

Judy Gorman

Sally Campbell

Steve Suffet


1pm - 2pm

Lindsey Wilson, anchor / MC

Gerry Segal

Katie Naplatarski

Chris Owens


2pm - 3pm

Joel Landy, anchor / MC

Bev Grant

Hudson Valley Sally

Joshua Garcia


3pm - 4pm

Gary David Allard, anchor / MC
Thelma Thomas
Mike Glick

Doreen D'Amico


4pm - 5pm

Mike Glick, anchor / MC

Peoples' Voice Cafe jam and singalong (any Peoples' Voice Cafe performer welcome)

Equality is Sexy


11:15am: Gina Healy 

11:35am: Ondine PM -- PM Edition 

11:55am: Rew Starr

12:15pm: Rigel Mary Sarjoo 

12:35pm: Paul Decoster & Friends 

1:05pm: Vanessa Lovestone & Roger Blanc 

1:35pm: Jules Quinn Group 

2:05pm: Myrna and the Bulldog 

2:35pm: Janet Burgan 

2:55pm: Curtis Becraft & Friends 

3:15pm: Matt Curran 

3:35pm: Michael Mchugh & Friends 

4:05pm: Val & The Auntie Socials 

4:30pm: Mary Lee Kortes

Roomful of Sky Music 


11am - Swagata Biswas

11:30am - Wind Meets West

12pm - Liz Lieber

12:30pm - Phil Robinson

1pm - Youth Moose

1:30pm - Scott Krokoff

2pm - Rory D'Lasnow

2:30pm - Gina Royale

3pm - Butch Phelps

3:30pm - Jason Vitelli

4pm - Valentina Marino

4:30pm - Carl Banks

Songwriter Stage: 


11am: Jordan Siwek

11:25am: Sarah Gargano

11:50am: baby chemist

12:15pm: Meadowgreass

12:40pm” Larry Legend

1:05pm: Elisa Winter, Shakespeare’s Sonnets

1:30pm: David Redbranch 

1:55pm: Michele Star

2:20pm: Taylor Plas

2:45pm: Less Than Three

3:10pm: Aarushi Agni

3:35pm: Adam Najemian 

4pm: Travis Tench 

4:25pm: Hot Grandpa



11am: Bluestone739

11:30am: Violizzy

12pm: Robert Brashear

12:30pm: Robin Greenstein and Stuart Markus

1pm: Lucas Rotman

1:30pm: Robinlee Garber

2pm: Steven Blane

2:30pm: Judy Gorman

3pm: Alice and Agustin

3:30pm:Mar Salá

Brooklyn Ukulele Festival 


11am: Jake and Gwendolyn opening

11:30am: Playalong 1 led by Gwendolyn

12pm: Open Mic No. 1

12:30pm:  Natalie Mack & Alexander Heilein

1pm: Gwendolyn Fitz

1:30pm: Playalong 2 led by Jenny Selig

2pm: Sarah Gargano

2:30pm: Jake Sayraf 

3pm: Open Mic No. 2

3:30pm: Jake and Gwendolyn

4pm: Playalong No. 3 led by Jake Sayraf

4:30pm: Closing

NYC Ferry Stage: 

12:30pm: NY Packet

1pm: Sander Randall with Todd Rogers and Clay Russell

2pm: Sea Shanty Jam with Butch Canon and the Brigands

The Flatfoot Flatbush! Old-time Jam

12pm-5pm, with Megan Downes, Tom Bailey, Joe Bass, and Jaden Gladstone


1:00 “Rusty Feet” Open Dance Competition 

Show off your rusty dancing skills! Prizes awarded.


2:15 Workshop: Flatfoot and hand rhythms for casual beginners.


3:30 Virginia Reel, ish

Variation on traditional dance, with instruction.



Hudson Family Bluegrass Jam: 


11am-2pm, with: 

  • Conchita Marie Alarcon - guitar, washboard, shriek of rapture

  • Uncle John Giriat - banjo, ukelele, subwoofs

  • Dan  Robbins - guitar, supersonics

  • Colonel Ron "Commando" Zwerdling - mandolin, mandolin

  • "Sheriff" T.M. Nevins - bassuron, glossolalia

The Sunny’s Bar Bluegrass Jam

Sunny's Bar hosts Porch Stomp's annual bluegrass Jam!