Porch Stomp 2020 : A Socially Distanced Festival

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Hoover Dam Collective 

(Colonel’s Row East)

11:30 Robert Brashaer

12:30 Rella

1:00 Wind in the Pines (BKCM Kids Class)

1:30 Jim Knable

2:00 Lisa and Lori Brigantino

2:30 Alex Kuchta

3:00 Bluestone 739

3:30 Johanna Wacker and Friends

4:00 Mike Clifford

4:30 Ricky Stein

Nick Horner Family

(Nolan Park, Building 18)


11:30 The String Thirys

12:00 Calvin Rezen

12:30 Allie Glassman 

1:00 Roger Manning

1:30 Madame Henni 

2:00 Marcus Jade

2:30 Noah Evan Wilson

3:00 Hallie Spoor

3:30 Cardboard Rocketship

4:00 The New Students

4:30 Nick Horner Family

Live Muzic Mondayz

(Colonel's Row West)

11:00 Violizzy

11:30 Captain Bob

12:00 Val Kinzler

12:30 Sheriff Bob

1:00 Megg Farrell

1:30  Chris Luquette

2:00 Kat and Friends

2:30 The Hat Cousins

3:00  Preetha

3:30 Monica Passin

4:00 The Gowanus Wildcats

Writers Room/ Push Collective Stage

(Nolan Park Green South)


Writers' Room Social Distanced Songwriters Round (11:00 -1:30) featuring:

Petra Jasmiina

Scott Krokoff

Jordan Siwek

Swagata Biswas

Jeff Jacobs

Rory D’Lasnow


PUSH Collective:

2:00 Natalie Mack

2:30 Syd Caldera

3:00 Miwa Gemini

3:30 Aviva Jaye

4:00 Gwendolyn Fitz

4:30 Stav German

Music Country

(Grand Promenade, adjacent to Nolan Park Buildings 19 and 20) 

12:00 Nate Sabat

1:00 Cynthia Landon and Kevin Cahill

2:00 Vienna Carroll & Newman Taylor Baker

3:00 Ty Defoe

4:00 Swamp Queens

The Flatfoot Flatbush! Old-time Jam

(Grand Promenade South)

The North Flatbush BID sponsors Porch Stomp's annual old-time Jam!  (Limited to 8 musicians at a time) With Christian Apuzzo, Bach Bui, Ilan Moss, and Joe DeJarnette. 




Brooklyn Wildlife

(Nolan Park, Building 5)


11:15am: Alexander Del Giudice

12pm: Ashiya Lopez

12:45pm: Ohene Cornelius

1:30pm: Gabriel Mayers,

2:15pm: Josephine Mar

3pm:  Dukes and the Package

3:45pm: Alex Coe

4:15pm: Lost Dog

The Sunny’s Bar Bluegrass Jam

(Colonel's Row Green)

Sunny's Bar hosts Porch Stomp's annual bluegrass Jam!  (Limited to 8 musicians at a time) With Matt Quinones, Ken Shoji, Cesar Moreno, and Kells Nollenberger. 



We welcome you to another year of Porch Stomp on Governors Island. Your safety is of the upmost importance to us!  All events are mask required, socially distanced and limited attendance.  For details regarding our health and safety plan, click here

Check back for further updates regarding the festival in the coming week!