Folk Society of New York Stage:

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11AM Mountain Maidens 

Women's trio who do splendid harmonies singing folk, contemporary, gospel and social justice material with guitar, dulcimer, banjo, bouzouki, spoons

11:35AM Doreen Hayden D’Amico

Doreen Hayden d'Amico performs traditional and contemporary folk music and is delighted to sing with others in tightly woven harmonies. She is currently a regular member of the Sunnyside Singers and an occasional addition to the Mountain Maidens. 

12:10PM Katie Naplatarski

Katie's songs are traditional and contemporary folk ballads as well as songs of resistance. She sings an assortment of folk songs, some old, some new, and some to sing along to. She will be accompanied on guitar and voice by Marie Mularczyk and the Sunnyside Singers.


12:45PM Debbie Rich And Ron Pecan

Debbie Rich and Ron Pecan are two local artists who have been singing and playing traditional and old-time music for many years. They include fiddle tunes, gospel, blues, topical, work, maritime, protest, ballads, love and kids songs. 

120PM: Robbie Wedeen

"From Ballads to Blues and Personal Views'", Traditional and Original Songs. Robbie Wedeen is a folk singer /songwriter who performs folk, gospel, country, blues, bluegrass, sea songs, traditional, ballads, country, contemporary, and original repertoire with guitar, autoharp and banjo accompaniment​. 

1:50PM Steve Suffet

Steve Suffet is best described as an old‐fashioned folksinger who has been performing at clubs, coffee houses, festivals, folk music weekends, and other venues since 1963. His repertoire comprises an eclectic mix of traditional folk songs, songs by tradition‐based folk artist such as Jean Ritchie and Woody Guthrie, and songs that he has written himself in traditional styles





2:25PM Nancy and Bob Montgomery

With appealing harmonies and guitar and harmonica accompaniment, Bob and Nancy have a warm, folk-tinged sound but they draw from a wide variety of source material, from traditional and contemporary folk to classic rock - (e.g., Springsteen, Dylan, & Cohen) - as well as original material.

3:00PM Pamela Jean Agaloos

Pamela Jean Agaloos, a singer based in New York who has been singing traditional tunes in the city for the last seven years. Her unique style and interpretation of traditional music relies on the connections she makes with musicians she's collaborated with – storytellers, artists, and other folk musicians – in the session and folk scenes

3:35PM Lafayette Matthews and Jules Peiperl

Queer/trans folk duo! Our repertoire includes buzzy harmonies, sea chanteys, and ballads

4:10PM New York Packet

The New York Packet sings maritime songs and sea chanteys, celebrating the Great Age of Sail and the port of New York. The music encourages listeners to sing along!

4:45PM - End: Hootenanny!