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Hudson Family Jam
and Stage

11am-2pm Hudson Family Jam:


The Hudson Family Jam is an energetic, eclectic string and jug jam that never ends, just takes a break and relocates. HFJ is a musical community of family and dear friends who love welcoming newcomers to our semitraditional jam featuring bluegrass, country, centenarians, originals, and more. 





Instagram: @hudsonfamilyjam


With hosts:

  • Conchi Marie Alarcon - guitar, washboard, shriek of rapture

  • Uncle John Giriat- banjo, subwoofs

  • "Commander" Ron Zwerdling - mandolin

  • "Cousin" Johnny Vitale -- banjo 

  • Bob "Point 'n' Shoot" Hochman --  guitar

  • Jon Herman - guitar

  • T.M. Nevins - bassuron, glossolalia

83C51A63-3E08-42DA-88E2-FDC8E2F2F114 - Trip Henderson.jpeg

2PM The Hip Trendersons:

Americana roots music 

Instagram: @trip_henderson


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3PM: T.M. Nevins and the New York Minute

Original bluegrass and country-inspired songs featuring driving grooves, blood harmony, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and exuberant licks, tricks, and shticks.




Hudson Family Jam Website

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4PM: Catahoula Cajun Band

The Catahoula Cajun Band plays the accordion and fiddle-driven dance music of Southwest Louisiana. Their rocking two-steps, sweet waltzes, and soulful blues are guaranteed to get people dancing.




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