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Hudson Family Jam

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11am-2pm Hudson Family Jam:


The Hudson Family Jam is an energetic, eclectic string and jug jam that never ends, just takes a break and relocates. HFJ is a musical community of family and dear friends who love welcoming newcomers to our semitraditional jam featuring bluegrass, country, centenarians, originals, and more. 





Instagram: @hudsonfamilyjam


With hosts:

  • Conchi Marie Alarcon - guitar, washboard, shriek of rapture

  • Uncle John Giriat- banjo, subwoofs

  • "Commander" Ron Zwerdling - mandolin

  • "Cousin" Johnny Vitale -- banjo 

  • Bob "Point 'n' Shoot" Hochman --  guitar

  • Jon Herman - guitar

  • T.M. Nevins - bassuron, glossolalia

2PM The Hip Trendersons:

Passionate champions of prewar blues, ragtime, hokum, and gypsy jazz, they deliver this repertoire with hot chops and joy. Expect plenty of Mississippi Saxophone, National Steel guitar, and One String bass.The band features the solid guitar work and vocals of Guillaume Goussault, the incredible harmonica artistry and vocals of Trip Henderson and rounding out the group is the wonderful and highly talented Peter Ford on bass and vocals. You will love this set of fun, soulful and virtuosic traditional music.

Instagram: @trip_henderson


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3PM: T.M. Nevins and the New York Minute

Original bluegrass and country-inspired songs featuring driving grooves, blood harmony, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and exuberant licks, tricks, and shticks.




Hudson Family Jam Website

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4PM: Catahoula Cajun Band

The Catahoula Cajun Band plays the accordion and fiddle-driven dance music of Southwest Louisiana. Their rocking two-steps, sweet waltzes, and soulful blues are guaranteed to get people dancing.




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