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Hudson Family Jam

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11am-2pm Hudson Family Jam:


The Hudson Family Jam is an energetic, eclectic string and jug jam that never ends, just takes a break and relocates. HFJ is a musical community of family and dear friends who love welcoming newcomers to our semitraditional jam featuring bluegrass, country, centenarians, originals, and more. 


With hosts:

  • Conchi Marie Alarcon - guitar, washboard, shriek of rapture

  • Uncle John Giriat- banjo, subwoofs

  • T.M. Nevins - bassuron, glossolalia

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2pm- 230pm: Special Performance from Bantam Studios Folk Jam Class


230pm- 330pm: Improvisation Workshop with Todd Rogers

Renew your musical and creative inspiration, increase your skill and self-confidence in improvising, receive instruction in enjoyable practice techniques for continued musical growth and play with other creative, supportive musicians. Based on Music for People techniques this open kind of improvisation is a great fit for beginners and professionals alike. Inspiring and fun for performers, singers, teachers, dancers, and amateur musicians. No experience needed! If you want to develop and deepen your relationship to music by playing together, this session will give you the space and time needed to dive into the world of rhythms, melodies and harmonies. The philosophy of Music for People promotes intuitive access to your own sense of musical play and presents ideas on how this love for music improvisation could be shared with others.

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