Hudson Family Jam

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Hudson Family Jam is a string-band based musical community jamming anywhere, any time on songs drawn from genres including bluegrass, country, centenarians, spirituals, cowboy, honky-tonk, pop song adaptations, and originals by group members! We love to have a great time and are always out to expand the circle - we invite you to join us and add your own flavor to the music. Our Porch Stomp jam will feature the bassuron, a d.i.y one-string bass made from a broomstick, trash can, and clothesline. Come on by and play!




Core group of jam hosts: 

  • Conchita Marie Alarcon - guitar, washboard, shriek of rapture

  • Uncle John Giriat - banjo, ukelele, subwoofs

  • Dan Robbins - guitar, supersonics

  • Colonel Ron "Commando" Zwerdling - mandolin, mandolin

  • "Sheriff" T.M. Nevins - bassuron, glossolalia