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 FAQs for Porch Stomp Attendees: 


Q : What is Porch Stomp?


A : Porch Stomp is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the folk music community in NYC.  With innovative and engaging programming, Porch Stomp has been connecting musicians and communities for over 10 years.  We are entirely volunteer-run and community funded, meaning that everything you see or hear from Porch Stomp is a product of the blood, sweat and tears from musicians and music lovers just like you!  


Q : Wait a minute, I thought Porch Stomp was a festival? 


A : It is!  Our June festival and our organization share the same name.  Porch Stomp (the organization) also hosts an annual flatfooting parade each December called Flatfoot Flatbush as well as regular programming, a blog, and a video series called Porch Stomp Presents!  Check them out at  


Q : When is this year’s Porch Stomp festival? 


 A : TBD, mid June 2024

Q: I’ve never been to Porch Stomp or Governors Island. What can I expect?


A: Have you ever had an enjoyable day in the park?  Expect that, except with live music around every corner.


Q: Is Porch Stomp a family-friendly event?


A: Yes, most definitely. Especially if you or your family members kids like to dance!


Q: ​​Can I bring pets?


A: No. See the Governors Island website for details on their strictly-enforced policies.


Q: How do I get to and from Governors Island?


A: Governors Island is serviced by the Governors Island Ferry and NYC Ferry. 


Governors Island Ferry: 


The Governors Island Ferry runs on regular intervals from:

  • Lower Manhattan: Battery Maritime Building at 10 South Street)

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 

  • Red Hook Atlantic Basin


Ferry tickets may be reserved in advance. In 2024, reservations are not required, but are encouraged as the ferries will fill up (note: if you are a Porch Stomp 2024 Artist, we STRONGLY encourage you to make a ferry reservation, so as not to miss your set time!). Visitors to the Island no longer need to choose a return time when booking ferry tickets – you may leave the Island on any ferry you choose. 


For more information about the Governors Island ferry and to make a reservation click HERE. 


NYC Ferry: 


NYC Ferry runs a shuttle from Wall Street Pier 11 to Yankee Pier on summer weekends. Riders may transfer to this route for free from any other NYC Ferry route. For information and schedule for NYC Ferry, click HERE. 


Q: How much does the ferry cost? 


A: On weekends, the Governors Island ferry is FREE before 12pm. After 12pm, it is $4. 


The Governors Island ferry is ALWAYS free for seniors (65 and over), residents of NYCHA housing, IDNYC holders, military servicemembers (former and active), and Governors Island members. 


For information and pricing for NYC Ferry, click HERE. 

NOTE: Even though Porch Stomp is outdoors, you will need a mask for the ride there. Masks are required to board the Governors Island Ferry and NYC Ferry and while inside the cabin except for brief periods while eating, drinking, or taking oral medications.


Q: Where can I get food on Governors Island? Can I bring a picnic? 

A: Yes!  There are a number of food vendors a short walk from Nolan Park near Liggett Terrace. See HERE for more information about Governors Island food and drink vendors. Also, Nolan Park happens to be the best picnic location in New York.  Feel free to invite friends and have them bring a spread to share. You won't regret it. 

Q : What if it rains? 


A : Porch Stomp takes place rain or shine. We will make location changes as necessary to accommodate for rain on the day of the event. 

Q: Wait a second, I thought it was called “Porch Stomp”! How come performances aren’t taking place on porches? 


When we started Porch Stomp in 2014, Governors Island was not the bustling attraction that it is today, and the houses of Nolan Park and Colonel’s Row were unoccupied by tenants. As the Island has grown and blossomed, it has become a hub for arts organizations and mission-oriented nonprofits, who make use of the space, and particularly the houses (and porches) of Nolan Park for residencies and regular programming. Organizations in residency in the houses of Nolan Park produce their own programming on the weekends, and thus cannot accommodate additional musical programming. So, we’ve had to make adjustments and move the vast majority of the performances directly onto the lawn. The upside? Easier access to the music! 


For a list of organizations in residence, see HERE


Q : Can I bring alcohol to the island? 


A : Visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol, but it can be purchased and consumed in specific areas. 

Q: Where is the Porch Stomp Afterparty? 


A: TBD! 


Q : Where does donation money go?  How can I or someone I know donate?


A: Porch Stomp is entirely volunteer run and operated, and funds raised go support: 

  • Operations: Governors Island permit fee, security deposit, and insurance 

  • Marketing and Promotion: design costs, printed postcards, flyers, business cards, social media advertising, merchandise, website support

  • Day of event materials: physical signage, tents

  • Day of event personnel: photographers, videographers, support staff 

  • Artist support: artist giveaways and amenities


We pride ourselves in being run by community for the community, so every dime you donate will be coming right back at you!  To donate:

2024 Fundraiser: 

Venmo @porch-stomp



You can make a tax-deductible donation via Make Music New York, our fiscal conduit:

Make sure to mention that you are donating to Porch Stomp!

Q: How do I sign up for your mailing list?


A: We thought you’d never ask!  Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up to receive updates about our festival and programming!

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