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Kat and Friends

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11:00AM Preetha: 

Preetha is a brooklyn-based singer and songwriter who fashions power-house performances from some of the best old country and bluegrass songs.

11:25AM Botsband:

The Shirts was a CBGBs rock band. Bob of The Shirts started a mellower rock band during the pandemic with Rob Taube, Kat, and Don Castagno. This is their first live show!

11:45AM Tamar Korn:

Tamar Korn will transport her audience back about 100 years to the classiest smoky bar and we can’t wait to go with her.

12:10PM Rob Taube:

Rob Taube is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, engineer, teacher, and record producer. Check out his studio, Groove Garden, in the east village! 


12:35PM Su Polo:

Su Polo is a singer-songwriter, writer of poems and stories and a painter of watercolors. She has two chapbooks: Turning Stones and Beauty. 


12:55PM Reid Riddiough:

Reid Riddiough is a guitarist, banjoist, and composer based in Astoria, Queens. Originally from Arizona, he plays traditional and original old time music influenced by country and bluegrass, as well as jazz and improvised music.


Instagram: @reidriddiough

1:20PM Aaron Gamman:

Aaron plays a lot of Bob Dylan and admires Taylor Swift.

Instagram: @ao.gamman

1:45PM Michael Buscemi:

Michael is an actor. Sometimes he plays music.

Instagram: @brooklyneze

2:00PM Vern Woodhead:

Vern is a classically trained vocalist who sings and plays no wave influenced rock music with his band Woodhead, among others.


2:25PM The Hat Cousins:

The Hat Cousins are John S. Hall and Roger Manning. They sing really good songs and sometimes they’re funny. 

2:50PM Nine Pound Hammer:

Nine Pound Hammer is Mike Shapiro, Jennifer Nelson, and Burkhard Bilger. Tight harmonies, country classics, beguiling originals. Imagine the Louvin Brothers and the Andrews Sisters at an Alabama roadhouse, sipping  a little too much bourbon with Maurice Chevalier.


3:15PM Grand Central Breakdown:

Grand Central Breakdown - is Phyllis Elkind, Nate Sabat, Dot Moore, Diane Stockwell and Katherine Slinghuff.  With twin fiddles and tight three part harmonies, this band rocks bluegrass and country classics with energy and joy.

3:40PM Comfort Cat:

Comfort Cat is a singer-songwriter from Staten island by way of the west coast.





Instagram: @comfortcatmusic

4:05PM Sheriff Bob:

Sheriff Bob is the Sheriff of Goodtimes. He came up in the NYC folk revival scene and has been a central figure in the local bluegrass/country/folk scene for decades. You will have a good time!


4:30PM Gowanus Wildcats Drill Team:

The GOWANUS WILDCATS DRILL TEAM, is an all-female drill team that originated in September 1970 in the Gowanus Houses Community Center in Brooklyn, New York. Their instructor, Renee “Juice” Flowers is an original member who took leadership of the team in 1972.”


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