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Porch Stomp Participatory

See below for Porch Stomp 2022 programming you can take part in! 

 Flatfoot Flatbush Old Time Jam Stage


12-4pm with Megan Downes, Jaden Gladstone, Eli Hetko, Ilan Moss, Joe Bass and Jefferson Hamer

1-2pm: Contradance with Brooklyn Contra

3-345pm: Square Dance with Megan Downes

Sea Shanties at Yankee Pier 


11am-12pm with Tim Davis and Sander Randall

 Irish Arts Center Stage

12pm: Irish Dance Workshop with Jonathan Matthews and Laura Neese 

2pm: Ceili Workshop with Jonathan Matthews and Laura Neese 

2:30pm: Open Session with Pat Mangan, Matt Stapleton, and Cillian Vallely 

Hudson Family Jam


11am-2pm, bring an instrument and join in! with Conchi Marie Alarcon, Uncle John Giriat, Ron Zwerdling, Dan Robbins, Liz “Uke Whisperer” Wolfe, Jon Herman, and T.M.Nevins

Brooklyn Ukulele Festival Stage


11am: Opening Playbook 

12pm: Open Mic Featuring Shawtime Duo 

2pm: Afternoon Playalong

3:30pm: Open Mic 2

4pm: Final Playalong


Catahoula Cajun Band


230- 4pm with Julie WInterbottom, Deborah Monlux, Erica Weiss, Anne Jacobs, Frank Luschinsky, and Scott Fine 

230-315pm: Performance 

315-4pm: Cajun Jam

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