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Getting There

Porch Stomp is set in the beautiful greenery of Governors Island's Nolan Park, located on the northeastern corner of the Island, as well as on other areas throughout the Island.  Getting there is one short ferry ride away! 

The Governors Island ferry runs on regular intervals from Manhattan to Soissons Landing and from Brooklyn to Yankee Pier. In addition, NYC Ferry runs at regular intervals from Wall Street Pier 11 to Yankee Pier. The ferry ride takes about 8 minutes. Ferry tickets may be reserved in advance. In 2024, reservations are not required, but are encouraged as the ferries will fill up. If you are a Porch Stomp 2024 Artist, we STRONGLY encourage you to aim to take the ferry BEFORE the ferry that gets you there for your set time. Visitors to the Island no longer need to choose a return time when booking ferry tickets – you may leave the Island on any ferry you choose. For more information about the Governors Island ferry and to make a reservation click HERE. 

Ferry Landings .jpg

From Manhattan

First ferry: 7am

Last ferry: 11pm 

To Soisson's Landing 

Battery Maritime Building 

10 South Street, New York, NY, 10005

Ferry Service is free before 11am, and $5 after


1 to South Ferry

4/5 to Bowling Green

R to Whitehall Street

To get to Governors Island from Manhattan, you can also take NYC Ferry.  For NYC Ferry service to Governors Island on weekends and holidays until September 2024, take the NYC Ferry shuttle from Wall Street/Pier 11. Riders may transfer to this shuttle for free from any other NYC Ferry route. Riders leaving Governors Island via NYC Ferry must have a ticket to board and must be in line by 5:00 PM. Do not wait for the last ferry – space is not guaranteed. For NYC Ferry schedules and services alerts, visit or the NYC Ferry app. NOTE: NYC Ferry goes to Yankee Pier, NOT Soissons Landing

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 10.40.46 AM.png

From Brooklyn

First ferry (Red Hook/ Atlantic Basin): 9:45am

First ferry (Brooklyn Bridge Park): 10:15am

Last ferry (Red Hook/ Atlantic Basin): 530pm

Last ferry to (Brooklyn Bridge Park): 6pm

To Yankee Pier 

Red Hook/Atlantic Basin:

Ferris Street and Clinton Wharf
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Ferry Service is free before 11am, and $5 after


B61 Bus between Van Brunt Street and King Street



F & G Train between Smith Street and W 9th Street



Commerce St between Imlay St. and Van Burn
Between Pioneer St and Van Brunt St
Van Brunt St & Wolcott St.
Coffey St. and Conover St

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 12.26.51

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 

At the end of Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Ferry Service is free before 11am, and $5 after


B63 to Brooklyn Bridge Park Rd/ Joralemon St



2/3/4/5 to Borough Hall

N/R/W to Court Street 



Atlantic Ave and Columbia Street 

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