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Porch Stomp 2024 Stage Information 

Cowgirl Seahorse Stage

Cowgirl Seahorse, which first opened its doors in July of 2009, is  a cozy, offbeat corner in Lower Manhattan, Seahorse is a great place to meet for a quiet drink or to celebrate a special occasion. The bar/ restaurant hosts live music every Monday, and is excited to present a roster of our stellar regular musicians. Seahorse is excited to host a stellar line-up of its Music Monday musicians! 

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Hoover Dam Collective Stage

The Hoover Dam Collective stage celebrates the legacy of a dynamic arts collective called The Hoover Dam Collective, which produced music, dance, and art shows in unconventional spaces around NYC and beyond from 2009-2018. 


The Bushwick Book Club Stage

The Bushwick Book Club is the daredevil songwriting challenge using literature as fodder for new music, visual art, film and hors d'oeuvres. Come hear songs, eat snacks and dance the dances inspired by books. Literature-derived, creative daredevilry abounds.

This ground-breaking literature-inspired performance series and podcast invites local songwriters and artists to plumb the depths of a chosen literary gem to create that rare and beautiful thing – a new song (or visual art, dance, film or snack). All songs are then performed at a live show. The Bushwick Book Club now has several branches all over the world, including Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, New Orleans, Greenville, NC, London and Malmö, Sweden. The Bushwick Book Club podcast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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Folk Music Society of New York Stage

The Folk Music Society of New York brings great people and great music together. We run concerts, weekends, classes, singing parties, and get-togethers, all with an emphasis on traditional folk music of all flavors. Our aim is to create a welcoming space for everyone to sing and learn from each other. For the latest on our events, please visit

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Christopher Street Open Mic (previously Christopher Street Coffee House) is a long-time, welcoming open mic in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC. Previously hosted at St. John's Lutheran Church on Christopher Street, featuring special guests such as Julie Gold, Dar Williams, Cliff Eberhart, and Erin McKeown, the open mic has continued monthly via Zoom during the pandemic. We are thrilled to make our triumphant public return in-person at the Porch Stomp 2024 and welcome you to join us! The Christopher Street Open Mic stage will feature our amazing songwriters and acoustic bands with plenty of open mic slots throughout the day. Sign up to share a song or two! 

Christopher Street Open Mic.jpg

Music Country Stage

Music Country celebrates the cultural diversity of American Roots Music. By creating performance opportunities for roots musicians of all generations, and developing educational programming to keep the influence of historic music makers alive, we bring together artists who give voice to the wide array of musical traditions in this country.

Roomful of Sky Music Stage

Roomful of Sky Music is the live music event production company that's been at the very center of one of NYC's most vibrant and engaged musical communities since 2007, serving both the artists themselves and the music enthusiasts who support them.  Roomful of Sky is proud to present 12 of its fan-favorite acts on its own curated porch as part of this year's Porch Stomp festival.  See you there!

Old Bay Boys & Girls Stage

Description:  Songwriter Clay Russell and friends play spicy tunes (both sea and non-sea-related) and may even throw in a joke or two.  Come get saucy.

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Ol Bay .jpg

Jalopy Stage

The Jalopy Theatre and School of Music is a multi-faceted arts space showcasing evolving folk and traditional music and art from New York City, the Americas, and the world. Our programming supports artists, fosters multi-generational community, and provides enrichment and education about our shared musical heritage.

Jalopy .png

People's Voice Cafe Stage

The Peoples’ Voice Cafe is a volunteer-run, alcohol-free, wheelchair accessible, nonprofit venue that since 1979 has been providing a space for performing artists who have something important to say and the talent with which to say it. Our Porch Stomp stage will feature a diverse lineup of singers and other musicians who have performed at the Peoples’ Voice Cafe. Please visit for more information.

Flatfoot Flatbush Old Time Jam 

Join the Flatfoot Flatbush band for a rolicking jam old time jam, brought to you by the North Flatbush Avenue Business Improvement District, host of the annual Flatfoot Flatbush parade on December 21st! Bring your guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, or harmonica and come join the fun!

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Tone's Bluegrass Jam 

Sunny's Bar in Red Hook is a beloved Brooklyn institution owned by Tone Johansen, who has hosted a lively open bluegrass jam there for 20 years. The jam draws musicians and fans from all over New York and the world, and Tone and her crew are bringing their fun, inclusive spirit to Porch Stomp. All are welcome to join in!

Sunny's Logo email final.jpg

Little Eva's 

Little Eva's is OPEN is Liggett Terrace east, with all your favorite scrumptious cocktails, Fish n' Chips, Over-loaded Fries, Fresh Grill BBQ, Classic Salads and more. Swing by for live music and delicious food! 

Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 6.31.48 PM.png

Threes Brewing Stage Threes Brewing, the official beer partner of Porch Stomp 2024, is a Brooklyn-based brewery known for crafting approachable beers that balance simplicity and complexity, with a focus on lagers, hop-forward American ales and mixed culture beers. Swing by the Threes Brewing stage in Liggett Terrace for delicious brews and a full roster of Porch Stomp acts!

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Kat 'n' Friends Stage

The Kat ‘n’ Friends stage serves up Trad Folk, Folk-Rock, Rock, Anti-Folk, Art Folk, Bluegrass, NYCountry, No Wave, Heavy Harmony, Foot-Tappable, and Sing-Alongable Goodtime MUSIC! Our stage is a little different in that we use lo-fi, low-volume amps to accommodate a variety of instruments and dynamic singing. (Amplification paved the way for Mississippi John Hurt’s whisper style of singing - now our acts can enjoy the same balance too!) And best of all, we’re real humans, all day long! Come hang! 

Kat .jpg

Brooklyn Ukulele Festival Stage 

Join Gwendolyn Fitz of the Brooklyn Ukulele Festival for a day of playalongs and performances from ukulele artists! Bring your uke!!!

Hudson Family Jam Stage 

Hudson Family Jam is a string-band based musical community jamming anywhere, any time on songs drawn from genres including bluegrass, country, centenarians, spirituals, cowboy, honky-tonk, pop song adaptations, and originals by group members! We love to have a great time and are always out to expand the circle - we invite you to join us and add your own flavor to the music. Our Porch Stomp jam will feature the bassuron, a d.i.y one-string bass made from a broomstick, trash can, and clothesline. Come on by and play!


"Equality is Sexy" Stage 
Free lance booking agent and folk rock musician Michael McHugh and Val Kinzler (award winning singer/songwriter/event producer for NYC Women Rock) are joining forces again to host their “Equality Is Sexy” stage for Porch stomp 2024 on Governors Island. After teaming up to co-book the March, 2020 NYC Women Who Rock week long Music Fest before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, which featured female artists in seven different NYC venues, this veteran promo team is thrilled to participate in Porch Stomp’s scheduling and festivities! The concept is to coordinate a mix of acts playing their original songs alongside covers that pay tribute to male/female duets by iconic r&b/roots, rock, country and folk artists

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