Porch Stomp


Porch Stomp and Flatfoot Flatbush are a part of Make Music New York, a registered 501(c)(3).





Coming June 2020!
A Free Festival of Americana and Folk
Music and Dance


Quirky and innovative programming since 2014
Porch Stomp

Governors Island, NYC

Nolan Park

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Come be a part of something important!


Porch Stomp is an organization committed to the advancement of the New York City American folk music and dance community by sponsoring key public events such as our annual folk celebration on Governors Island, Flatfoot Flatbush in Downtown Brooklyn as well as a myriad of other networking and performance-based events functioning out of the Haylaught, our lovely space in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.   We work to promote the growing NYC folk scene by highlighting both traditional as well as contemporary folk music through unique, often site specific events that range from concerts and workshops to community events and happenings.  


Our mission is simple: Support New York City Folk!  


Join us as we embrace our history and create artwork anew!


Huge thanks to all of the wonderful folks who supported our IndieGoGo Campaign, and are making Porch Stomp 2018 possible: 

Kathy Alphabet, John Waggoner, Preetha Nooyi, Chris McCann, Greta Tristam, Alvaro Egas, Cordelia Persen, Jonathan Peters, Sean Kiely, Kimball Mandrake, Thomas Power, Chad Lindsey, Jeffrey Roland, Casey Soloff, North Flatbush Business Improvement District, Jai Waggoner, Clara Schuhmacher, David Weaver, Travis Tench, Zach Appelman, Sam Dallas, David Redbranch, Rebecca Freimann, Danielle Mari, Luke Chohany, Cynthia Landon, James Ellis Maya Orchin, Cole Rotante, Ariana Hellerman, Matheus Verardino, Andrew Vladeck, Evan Franca, Steven Skollar, Katherine Etzel, William Berger, Jonathan Leitch, Shane Walton, Tara Linhardt, and others who prefer to remain anonymous. 


Porch Stomp is set in the beautiful greenery of Governors Island's Nolan Park, located on the North East corner of the Island.  You can get there by taking ferries from the following locations and following the signs once on Governors Island:


From Manhattan:

Ferry Service available from the Battery Maritime Building:

$3 (Free before noon) - 10 South Street,10005

From Brooklyn:

Ferry Service available from Pier 6

$3 (Free before noon) - Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, 11201


Service also available via NYC Ferry



For other questions and comments email mmnyporchstomp@gmail.com


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