Porch Stomp 2021 is June 26th on Governors Island!

Click HERE to get involved! 

Stuck at home because of COVID-19? 

Did You Know...?

Porch Stomp musicians rely on gigs to survive. Almost all of those gigs have cancelled. Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill while supporting a local musician.

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Quirky and innovative programming since 2014
Porch Stomp Festival

Governors Island, NYC

Nolan Park

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What We Are About


Porch Stomp is an organization committed to the advancement of the New York City American folk music and dance. We support the community by sponsoring key public events such as our annual Porch Stomp Festival on Governors Island, Flatfoot Flatbush in Brooklyn, and featured gatherings throughout the year.  We work to promote the growing NYC folk scene by highlighting both traditional and contemporary folk music throughout the year.  


Our mission is simple: Support New York City Folk!  


Join us by volunteering for our Porch Stomp Festival 2021

A Free Festival of Americana and Folk
Music and Dance


For questions and comments email mmnyporchstomp@gmail.com

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