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Porch Stomp 2022 Stage Information 

Cowgirl Seahorse Stage

Cowgirl Seahorse, which first opened its doors in July of 2009, is  a cozy, offbeat corner in Lower Manhattan, Seahorse is a great place to meet for a quiet drink or to celebrate a special occasion. The bar/ restaurant hosts live music every Monday, and is excited to present a roster of our stellar regular musicians. In addition to hosting a stage, Seahorse will also be serving up beer, wine, and snacks at Porch Stomp 2022!

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.36.59

Hoover Dam Collective Stage

The Hoover Dam Collective stage celebrates the legacy of a dynamic arts collective called The Hoover Dam Collective, which produced music, dance, and art shows in unconventional spaces around NYC and beyond from 2009-2018. 


Folk Music Society of New York Stage

We make music the old-fashioned way . . . We play it ... We sing it ... Sometimes we even dance to it. Traditional Music is Alive and Well in New York. We run concerts, weekends, classes, singing parties, and get-togethers, all with an emphasis on traditional folk music of all flavors. For the latest on our events, please visit" 

Folk Society of NY logo .jpg

Irish Arts Center Stage

Irish Arts Center, founded in 1972 and based in Hell’s Kitchen, is a home for artists and audiences of all backgrounds who share a passion or appreciation for the evolving arts and culture of contemporary Ireland and Irish America. We present, develop, and celebrate work from established and emerging artists and cultural practitioners across multiple disciplines including music, theatre, dance, literature, and visual arts.

NEW IAC LOGO_RGB_linear_primary_black.png

Roomful of Sky Music Stage

Roomful of Sky Music is the live music event production company that's been at the very center of one of NYC's most vibrant and engaged musical communities since 2007, serving both the artists themselves and the music enthusiasts who support them.  Roomful of Sky is proud to present 12 of its fan-favorite acts on its own curated porch as part of this year's Porch Stomp festival.  See you there!


People's Voice Cafe Stage

If you want to spend Saturday evening with friendly people who don't like budget cuts, wars, poverty, racism, sexism or homophobia, but do want a future in which people live in peace and justice on a healthy planet, the Peoples' Voice Cafe is the place for you. The Cafe is an alternative coffeehouse offering quality entertainment -- usually folk music and political music, but also poetry, storytelling, puppetry, dance and theater. Much of the music heard at the Cafe was inspired by the experiences of people fighting for survival and a better life. The performers represent many different cultures and political approaches. They express their concerns and hopes about a wide variety of humanitarian issues, but also sing about love and the lighter side of life -- typically with lots of audience participation.

PVC logo.jpg

Nick Horner Family Stage

This legacy stage curated by Porch Stomp founder Nick Horner is a mish-mash of all of the things you know and love about our festival.  Named after his eclectic touring group who recorded the Porch Stomp closing number, "Come Around", the NHF stage will feature a line up of long-standing fan favorites, important friends of the festival, touring acts, and an assortment of hand-picked performers for a taste of what folk music really can be!  

NHF Legacy Stage Graphic.jpg

Big City Folk Stage

New York based music collective Big City Folk hosts some of the finest songwriting events in the city. Founded in 2007 by Irish songwriter Niall Connolly.


Flatfoot Flatbush Old Time Jam 

Join the Flatfoot Flatbush band for a rolicking jam old time jam, brought to you by the North Flatbush Avenue Business Improvement District, host of the annual Flatfoot Flatbush parade on December 21st! Bring your guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, or harmonica and come join the fun!

Copy of transp NFBID logo.png

The Bushwick Book Club Stage

Founded in Brooklyn in 2009, the Bushwick Book Club meets every month and employs the talents of local songwriters and artists who plumb the depths of a chosen literary gem to create that rare and beautiful thing – a new song (or visual art, dance, film or snack).  All songs are then performed at a live show. The Bushwick Book Club now has several branches all over the world, including Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, New Orleans, Greenville, NC, London and Malmö, Sweden.  The Bushwick Book Club is also a podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.


This year the first ever VONNEGUT HOUR happens on the BBC stage from 3pm-4pm to commemorate the patron saint of BBC. One full hour of songs inspired by the work of Kurt Vonnegut in honor of his 100th birthday! These are songs are written and performed by various BBC artists including songwriters John S Hall, Katy Cruel and BBC founder Susan Hwang who has a kazillion Vonnegut songs. The hour is hosted by BBC Baltimore/DC founder, Sea Griffin and Susan Hwang.

bbc_logo3 (1).bmp

Brooklyn Ukulele Festival Stage 

Join Gwendolyn Fitz of the Brooklyn Ukulele Festival for a day of playalongs and performances from ukulele artists! Bring your uke!!!

Sunny's Bluegrass Jam 

Hi, I’m Tone. My jam at my place, Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook, is one of the longest running jams in the city. It’s a very welcoming jam of people of all ages and skills, that care about each other. You can pull out a Dylan tune, something bluesy, or traditional country or bluegrass, with a sprinkle of jazz. The important thing is that we wholeheartedly join in on each other’s songs. The purpose of my jam is to charge our spirits, the battery in our bodies that makes us tick. Some people call it church, (but I swear, there’s no preaching, only the fun part, singing and playing:)

Sunny's Logo email final.jpg

Songwriter Stage

First time Porch Stompers and seasoned Porch Stomp alumni join forces to bring you a unique assortment of singer songwriter performances. 

Kat and Friends Stage

Kat and Friends is a fun little slice of the Americana music scene in NYC today. The Kat and Friends stage will host sets from our regular superstars and special guests. Swing by to say hi, and you’ll be singing “ain’t no place I’d rather be!” in no time!

Kat and Friends .jpg

Violizzy and Friends Stage

Violizzy will be hosting this stage filled with friends she’s performed with over the years, from old time to bluegrass to original folk, country and beyond!  Be sure to stop by and join in the fun

Violizzy logo .jpg

"Equality is Sexy" Stage 

Free lance booking agent and folk rock musician Michael McHugh and Val Kinzler (award winning singer/songwriter/event producer for NYC Women Who Rock) are joining forces to host their “Equality Is Sexy”  stage for Porch stomp 2021 on Governor's Island! After teaming up to co-book the March, 2020 NYC  Women Who Rock week long Music Fest before the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown,  which featured female artists in seven different NYC venues, this veteran promo team is thrilled to participate in Porch Stomp’s 2021 scheduling and festivities! The theme 'Equality Is Sexy' basically means both male and female acts on this bill. The concept they are planning is to coordinate a mix of acts playing their original songs alongside covers that pay tribute to male/female duets by iconic female r&b/roots, rock, country and folk artists.

NYC Women Rock.jpg

Hudson Family Jam

Hudson Family Jam is a string-band based musical community jamming anywhere, any time on songs drawn from genres including bluegrass, country, centenarians, spirituals, cowboy, honky-tonk, pop song adaptations, and originals by group members! We love to have a great time and are always out to expand the circle - we invite you to join us and add your own flavor to the music. Our Porch Stomp jam will feature the bassuron, a d.i.y one-string bass made from a broomstick, trash can, and clothesline. Come on by and play!

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