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Artist Profile: David Roger Grossman

What's the best website for listening to your music?

What's your earliest music memory?

Watching Sesame Street

Where's your favorite place you've performed, and why?

A private party in Brooklyn at Plan B. The crowd loved it!

What's your creation process look like?

A marble in a races with other marbles in the sand on the beach.

Talk about the strangest thing you've discovered about yourself through music

I can sing.

Who are some artists you admire? (Musical or otherwise)

My father, Salvador Dali, David Bowie

What's your secret special skill that nobody knows about?


If I could play anywhere, I'd play [location]

Kennedy Center

What inspires you?


Anything else you'd like to add?

Happy to be here.

We're excited that Rawdge will be running the Old Time Jam at Porch Stomp this year! Click below to hear him sing Tom Waits' "Chocolate Jesus"

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