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Artist Profile: Mark Meyer

What is your earliest music memory?

My dad playing classical violin

Where is your favorite place you've performed, and why?

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Many famous bands, including the Beatles played there.

Why did you start playing music?

Loved it, feels good to play music, I love connecting with others, sometimes I get lost in my music.

What does your creation process look like?

I listen and play for my ears

Talk about the strangest thing you've discovered about yourself through music

Sometimes I can't think of anything I know to play, but when I sit down and start, I can play for hours.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Looking for like minded bass, drums and keys, there's nothing like connecting with others through music,

Who are some artists you admire? (Musical or otherwise)

Stevie Ray, Joe Bonamassa, The Beatles, Stones,

What is your secret special skill that nobody knows about?

With the right music and the right groove, sometimes magic happens,

If I could play anywhere, I'd play [location]

I love playing for appreciative audiences anywhere, but would love to play Red Rocks again

I'd like to see [name] answer these questions

Joe Bonamassa, Paul McCartney

What inspires you?

love and good energy

Click HERE to check out Mark's music

Click below to check out Mark on YouTube:

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