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Artist Profile: Trevor and Nyna of Fort Vine

What is your earliest music memory?

Trevor, "Singing in church choir".

Nyna, "Hearing my Grandpa singing and playing guitar in the living room while my Grandma would harmonize with him from the kitchen."

Where is your favorite place you've performed, and why?

Rockwood Music Hall is the best because they have great sound and big crowds.

Why did you start playing music?

Trevor, "Music has always been an outlet of expression and a safe place of comfort to escape to. When I'm playing music I feel most at home in the world."

Nyna, "I wanted to be just like my grandmother and sing harmonies with my grandpa.

What does your creation process look like?

Trevor, "There is no singular way I create music. I like to absorb the environments I find myself in, physically and emotionally, and then allow my interpretation of those experiences be expressed musically."

Nyna, "I hear melodies and harmonies and motifs in my head all the time. Sometimes if one moves me enough, I'll make a voice memo or jot down lyrics in a note book. There's no rhyme or reason to it- except for when Trev and I did "A Song A Day in the Month of May"- we really had to perfect a system in order to crank out that much material in one month. But even then, the spark of an idea can come from a number of different catalysts."

Talk about the strangest thing you've discovered about yourself through music

Trevor, "I like the key of E Major way too much."

Nyna, "I don't know if this is too particularly strange, because I feel it is a natural thing to connect with people through music, but I didn't realize until after I moved to New York and started collaborating with Trevor, just how attached I would become to the feeling of performing music we wrote together, and communicating with an audience through music. I think it's the greatest experience in the world, to observe the intangible connection we all have through sound- and the meaning we attach to it. It's cathartic and vulnerable and fun, all at once- and I'm hooked."

Who are some artists you admire? (Musical or otherwise)

Trevor, "I've been listening to this song almost everyday that is so fun! It's called "Little Green Bag" by George Baker Selection.

Nyna, "I grew up listening to the music my dad loved, so the artists I admire are the ones who have shaped the foundation of my taste in music- artists like Supertramp, Styx, the Beatles, Queen, etc."

What's your secret special skill that nobody knows about?

Trevor, "My father is a world renowned sculptor and I've been sculpting every since I was a little kid."

Nyna, "I cut and style hair- in fact, almost every roommate I've ever lived with has had at least one 'Nyna Nelson' haircut."

If I could play anywhere, I'd play [location]


I'd like to see [name] answer these questions

Benjamin Clemintine

What inspires you?

Trevor, "The chaotic way life unfolds before me".

Nyna, "Watching my friends and family follow their dreams and do what they love is incredibly inspiring to me."

Anything else you'd like to add?

After our acoustic performance at Porch Stomp you can catch our full band on June 24th at Rockwood Music Hall and then were off to record our next album at Rose Studios in Brooklyn!

Click HERE to hear Fort Vine's music

Click below to hear Fort Vine on YouTube:

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