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Artist Profile: Lucy Kalantari

Photocredit: Saundi Wilson Photography

What is your earliest music memory?

I had a toy organ gifted to me for Christmas when I was around 5, thus began my life as a composer. :) I also have this abstract memory of singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" with one of my sisters as we pretended to do a concert for our family.

Where is your favorite place you've performed, and why?

Any intimate place is great. I get to really connect with audience members that way. Especially since I've been playing family music lately, it makes it a whole lot of fun to interact with all of the kids in a close proximity.

Why did you start playing music?

The same reason I breathe–I HAVE to! At one point as adult, I came to the realization that to not make music would be disrespectful to the life I've been given. I believe when you're given a gift that moves your entire being–whether it's in music, art, science, etc.– it's important to honor that gift and share it with the world.

What does your creation process look like?

It takes on many forms. It can start with a melody and maybe a lyric or two while I'm doing something completely unrelated like a house chore, or running an errand. Other times, I have to actually sit and write and I'll focus on a subject or theme to write about. Then of course, there are times when I'm just about to fall asleep and I hear a loop of music cycling in my head, so I have to sit up and sing the melody into an audio app on my phone so that I can work on it in the morning!

Talk about the strangest thing you've discovered about yourself through music

I always thought I was very outgoing and fearless when it came to performing. But I soon came to realize that I actually have some stage fright! I plan out the flow of my shows so that I can set that fear aside and focus instead on delivering the vision of the performance I had. Usually after the first song or two, I'm feeling really good.

Who are some artists you admire? (Musical or otherwise)

Trent Reznor, Billie Holiday, Freddie Mercury, Ella Fitzgerald, Jon Brion. And the more I keep reading about Prince since he's left this realm, the more I go, "Whoa!" So I'd like to officially put him on this list. There are so many more...

What's your secret special skill that nobody knows about?

I can hula hoop. (Only a handful of people know about this...)

If I could play anywhere, I'd play [location]


I'd like to see [name] answer these questions

Lloyd H. Miller. Another local family artist and fantastic musician who keeps surprising me every time my son and I go see him perform.

What inspires you?

Everyone and everything! I feel like I'm constantly learning and absorbing things about the world and people around me, especially since I've had my son 3 1/2 years ago. I started to see things the way he would, as if it were something completely new. Each daily experience gets filed in my brain somewhere and then recalled in the strangest of ways and when I least expect them.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I've been working on my second family album called, "Big Things." The overall theme is about singing–finding your voice (literally and metaphorically) and using it to its fullest. I feel that we can bring out our best when we're doing what we love, and that in turn can have a significant impact on the people around us. I really look forward to sharing these new songs with the world!

Click HERE to check out Lucy's music!

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