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Hey there! Thanks for visiting our jam page. 

This is a list of New York City jams that were active before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can imagine, much has changed in New York City since March, and any indoor activities as well as activities that encourage gatherings of people are still being strongly discouraged. We are sorry to say that as of August 2020, none of these jams are currently active, and we imagine that some may not come back. The best way to find out the status of a particular jam is to do a Google/ Facebook search of the jam, including the venue and/or jam leader. Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at

All- Level Jams:


Sunny's Bar Bluegrass, Folk and Country Jam, Saturday nights, 9pm- late, Brooklyn, ALSO select Sundays 12-4pm (contact Edith Silver)

Irish Whiskey Bar Sunday Bluegrass Jam, Sunday nights, 7pm-11pm, Queens - email with questions or to be on the e-mail list.

Sunday Bluegrass Paddy Reillys, Sunday nights, 5pm-late, Manhattan

Strong Rope Jam, Thursday nights, 8pm- 11pm, Strong Rope Brewery, Brooklyn

First Monday Bluegrass Jam with Michael Daves, Every First Monday, 9pm-12am, Manhattan

Sheriff Bob's Goodtimes Jam, Every Third Wednesday, 9pm- late, Manhattan

Session 73 Bluegrass Jam, Monthly on Saturdays, date varies, Manhattan 

Tara's Bluegrass Jam, monthly on Fridays, the Bronx

Fairly Odd Monday Blueish Grass Jam at Paddy Reillys, 1st and 3rd Mondays, 9pm-late, Manhattan 


Old Time Jam at the Green Room, every other Tuesday, 8pm-12am, Manhattan

Hoedown with City Stompers, last Weds of each month, Manhattan

Slow Jams:

Bluegrass/ Folk:

Paddy Reillys Bluegrass Slow Jam, 2nd and 4th Mondays, Manhattan


Slow Jam with Hilary Hawke and Co, 2nd Sundays, 3:30-6pm (times may vary) Jalopy, Brooklyn 

Advanced/ "Player's" Jams:

Bluegrass/ Folk:

Mona's Monday Night Bluegrass Jam, Mondays, 9pm-late, Manhattan


Lowlands Old-Time Jam, First Mondays, 9pm-late, Brooklyn 


Sunday Night Jam at 11th Street Bar, Sundays, 9pm-late, Manhattan

What is a jam?

Jams are gatherings of old-time or bluegrass musicians there just to play music together. People take turns calling out a tune to play.  Old-time jams players don't usually take solos, as is the case at most bluegrass jams. The tune will usually be repeated multiple times, so that folks new to the song can learn it. Every jam is different, and there are thousands of songs that might be played. Weekly jams often differ week to week in sound as it depends on which musicians show up that day as to which tunes are played!

What is a session?

A session (or seisiún), is a jam of Irish or Scottish musicians. 

What does open/closed mean?

Open jams are open to all to attend and join in playing - no prior permission required. Closed means that you need to go to the jam and ask the leaders if you can sit in. Advanced jams are for advanced/professional -level musicians and often feature highly complex tunes at a very fast pace. Make sure you pick a jam appropriate to your playing level. If you aren't sure, just show up, and get a feel for the music. If you think you can hang with the pace, take your instrument out and join in!

I just started learning how to play, can I go to a jam?

Absolutely! Jams are where many of us learn new tunes. Just make sure you select a jam that is approrpiate for your level. "Beginner" and "Slow Jams" are great places to start. These are gatherings where the tunes are played at a much slower pace, so that they are easier to learn. 

I don't play an instrument; can I just go to listen?


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