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Flatfoot Flatbush, Digital Concerts 

Flatfoot Flatbush 2020 looks a little different than years past! In addition to our live event on Flatbush avenue, we've also got an amazing roster of oldtime and flatfooting luminaries from all over the country performing as part of our livestream and Winterfest programming. See the full list of participating artists below: 

Shortell_FlatfootFlatbush_4552 copy.jpg

Livestream (in no particular order): 


RISO (Matt and Rebekah Rolland), Evie Andrus, Sarah Cagely, Jocelyn Haversat, Scotty Leach, Hilary Hawke, Alex Kramer with Tammy, Sarah Pirkle, Jefferson Hamer, City Stompers Troupe (Megan Downes, Sara Rowbottom, Matheus Verardino, David Colton, Lonesome Act String Band), Ryan Johnson, City Stompers Troupe at Jalopy, Sophie Wellington with Avery Meritt, Korey Brodsky, Liv Greene, and Dan Bui), Brad Kolodner, Dena Ross Jennings, Nate Leath, Jake Blount, Charmaine Slaven, Aaron Olwell, Buster Sledge (Mikael Jonassen, Michael Barrett Donovan, Jakob Folke Ossum) Carolyn Shapiro, Big Silly Duo (Lizzy Plotkin and Matt Lackey), Jane Rothfield (Alan Carr and Bill Wellington), Mark Kilianski, John Showman and Chris Coole, Nokosee Fields (Ryan Nickerson, Trey Boudreaux), Jeremy Aaron, The Evie Laden Band (Evie Laden with Keith Terry), Nic Gareiss, Libby Weitnauer (Maddy Mullany, Clarke Williams, Eli Broxham), Make Music New York (James Burke) 


Pre-event Workshops: 

Libby Weitnauer and friends, Charmaine Slaven, Nic Gareiss, Nokosee Fields, Ryan Johnson


Screening Room

Flatfoot Flatbush video


Jam Room

6:30-8:30 Oldtime Jam w/ Luke Chohany, Brad Kolodner and Alex Lacquement

Songwriter Room

6:00-6:20 Don Armstrong

6:20-6:40 Cory Shelly

6:40-7:00 Spuyten Duyvil

7:00-7:20 Alex Mallett

7:20-7:40 Marcus Jade

7:40-8pm Pluck and Rail

8:00-8:20 String Thirys

8:20-8:40 Tanbark 

8:40-9:00 Glaser Drive

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