Violizzy and Friends Stage

2019 Artist Info

Violizzy and Friends, 11am

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Violizzy, fiddler/singer/songwriter performs with talented fellow songwriters/musicians: Violizzy-fiddle, mandolin, vocals John MCCabe-guitar, vocals Tucky Parkis-bass, vocals Maren Swenson Waxenberg-ukelele Mark Singer-guitar, vocals Lacy James-mandolin, vocals Val Kinzler-guitar/piano, vocals Robert Brashear-guitar, vocals The Deadbeat Racketeers-guitar, drum, vocals Lindsey Wilson-guitar, vocals Mar Sala-Marta Hernandez-guitar, vocals

Upcoming gigs:

June 13, 6-8 pm, Wicked Willie’s with Steven Blane & Robert Brashear

June 18, 7 pm, Moon Kirtan at Integral Yoga Institute, w. 13 St NYC

June 21, 1-2 pm Leah&Liz Duo

June 25, 1 pm, Dove, Hammersjold Plaza

June 30, 5pm, performing with Steven Blane at Rockwood Hall Sunday,

July 19, 6:45, Bluestone 739, Dairy Bar, Milford, PA

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Val Kinzler, 11:30am

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Val Kinzler is an award winning singer, songwriter & musician from NYC. Throughout her life she’s taught music and organized events to strengthen unity in the arts community. Her Music Cool Songwriting program was featured alongside Sesame Street & Songs Of Love on WFUV Radio & became an integral part of the NYC D.OE.’s Prevention training initiative. She is also the founder of the NYC Women Who Rock concert series. Val’s band is comprised of veteran players that illuminate her unorthodox, roots inspired songs & vocal stylings.

Upcoming gigs:

Arlene’s Grocery August 18 @ 8:45PM, Val Kinzler Band NYC Women Who Rock

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Robert Brashear, 12pm

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Robert Brashear, guitar and vocals, Nick Lantigua, banjo, guest appearances by LIzzy Taub, violin and vocals, and Lindsey Wilson, vocals

Upcoming gigs:


Make Music New York, June 21st, 6-7:30 PM Straus Park

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Spotify: Robert Brashear, songs, vol.1; 'Know You Are Mine": the songs of RL Haney, Double Hearing, with Marie Mazziotti, Porchstomp Playlists 1 and 2



Bluestone 739, 12:30pm

Mark Singer, 1pm

The Deadbeat Racketeers, 1:30pm

Robin Greenstein,  2pm

Lacy James, 2:30pm

Lindsey Wilson, 3pm

TBD, 3:30pm

Mar Sala, 4pm