Sheriff Bob Goodtimes Stage

2019 Artist Info

Goodtimes Jam, with Kat, Sheriff Bob, and Friends! 11am

Phyllis Elkind, 11am

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I'll be singing and yodeling some fine country and bluegrass songs. Phyllis Elkind - guitar and vocals; Greta Tristram - harmonica and vocals; Mike Fogarty - guitar and vocals

Bears of Alaska, 2:10pm

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Bears of Alaska are vocalists Lauren Peters-Collaer and Maria DiFabbio and guitarist/vocalist Sean Ryan. They are bears. Let them sonically touch you. Lauren Peters-Collaer, Sean Ryan, Maria DiFabbio

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Preetha & The River Rogues, 2:45pm

Preetha and the River Rogues is a bluegrass band based out of Brooklyn, NY. Featuring a rotating cast of exceptional musicians fronted by vocalist Preetha Neue, each member brings a depth of musical experience from a mix of jazz, classical, and bluegrass traditions. Preetha and the River Rogues pair well with a cold beer and a picnic blanket, and promise to be a good time. If you’re still debating whether to check them out, they come highly recommended by their mothers, who claim they are photogenic as well. Preetha Neue: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Larry Cook: Vocals and Lead Guitar Max Kutner: Lead Guitar Kensuke Shoji: Fiddle Urs Rainer Von Arx: Banjo Erik Alvar: Bass Jacob Siegel: Spoons, Will Merrow, mandolin *With Surprise Guests*

Country City Band, 3:20pm

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Original #classysassycountry songs from #countrycityusa. Kat Minogue - vox and guitar, Matt Quinones - bass, Michael Barrett Donovan - violin, Erik Alvar - mandolin. 

Upcoming gigs:

Every Monday at East Village Social (126 st marks place at ave A) at 10:30pm

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Toni and Jeffrey, 3:55pm

The Sheriff of Goodtimes, 4:15pm

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The Sheriff plays Goodtime music! He’s celebrating #80yearsofgoodtimes this year everywhere! Sheriff Bob - dobro and vox Captain Bob - guitar and vox Kat Minogue - guitar and vox Erik Alvar - bass Trip Henderson - harmonica.

Upcoming gigs:

Every Monday at East Village Social at 9pm!

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