Saturday, October 10th


Porch Stomp is excited to announce plans for our annual festival, this year in a new, socially distanced form. Porch Stomp 2020, originally scheduled for June, will take place on October 10th, 2020 from 11am to 5pm. Set on the beautiful greenery of Governors Island, Porch Stomp invites folk bands, artists, and performing arts organizations to use the historic porches of Nolan Park as a space for performance and education, highlighting artistry ranging from traditional folk to old-time, blues, roots, bluegrass and Americana. 


Porch Stomp is a volunteer-run, free music celebration produced in association with Make Music New York, a not-for-profit that connects music makers, fans and the public spaces of New York City. Unlike typical music festivals, anyone can take part in Porch Stomp, and all events are free and open to the public. Now in its seventh year, Porch Stomp offers unique performance and educational opportunities, including concerts, workshops and open jams. Each “stage” or porch is curated and produced by an arts organization or local venue that supports traditional arts, and will represent a specific folk community in New York City. 2020 partners will include Cowgirl Seahorse, Sheriff Bob’s Goodtime Jam, Sunny’s Bar, Live Muzic Mondayz, and more. 


While we feel that communal experiences are needed more than ever during this difficult time, we are sensitive to ongoing safety concerns around the health and wellbeing of members of our community, and we believe this event can be an opportunity for positive social interaction at a safe distance. Here are the steps that Porch Stomp is taking to make sure that our festival happens safely:


  • Reducing the number of stages and performers by 75% (as compared to Porch Stomp 2019)

  • Locating the stages as far apart as possible, and siting some stages outside of Nolan Park, to ensure that there will not be a confluence of people in any specific area 

  • Putting red flags into the grass as markers to audience members as to where to sit/ stand 

  • Requiring all festival goers and audience members to wear masks, even when performing 

  • Hiring a security team to ensure that festival-goers are wearing masks and social distancing as they enter the park. Security will also walk around the stage areas, and can back up stage curators on social distancing enforcement as needed 

  • Volunteers will enforce mask wearing and social distancing throughout the festival, and stage curators will enforce mask wearing, social distancing, and capacity at their respective stages 

  • No sale of food or beverage within Nolan Park 

  • No sale of merch (merch can be pre-ordered and picked up at the festival)

  • Encouraging anyone within the Porch Stomp community who is of compromised health NOT to attend

Additionally, so we can track and manage volume, Porch Stomp is requesting that anyone planning to attend our event RSVP HERE on Eventbrite, to let us know that you are coming. 


In addition, here are some of the steps that Governors Island is taking to keep visitors safe: 


  • Capacity on Governors Island ferries will be limited during the 2020 season to allow for social distancing. A new ticket reservation system is in place to manage capacity on ferries. Visitors are required to reserve tickets in advance and must depart on their selected return ferry. Tickets are available now with more becoming available on a daily rolling basis. HERE is the link to purchase tickets.  

  • Limiting the time visitors can spend on the island to 5 hours (this is enforced via ferry tickets)

  • Requiring visitors to wear face coverings while boarding and riding the ferry and while on the Island 

  • Reminding visitors to stay 6 feet apart when queuing on the ferry, while riding the ferry, and while visiting the Island

  • Increased cleaning procedures and schedules in all restrooms, aboard ferries, and in high-touch, high-traffic areas across the Island

  • Enhanced health and safety protocols at all food and drink vending locations

  • Installing hand sanitizer and hand washing stations throughout the Island


Porch Stomp is open to other suggestions around how to best ensure the safety of our community. 

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Our Community Partners

We are fortunate to have a wonderful network of dedicated community partners. Our partners help us program the Porch Stomp Festival, as well as lead-up events. We rely on these partners to extend the reach of our network and introduce us to new artists and communities. Thank you for your dedicated contributions to the mission of Porch Stomp, we appreciate you!


Porch Stomp and Flatfoot Flatbush are a part of Make Music New York, a registered 501(c)(3).