NYC Ferry Stage

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12:30PM The NY Packet

The New York Packet sings maritime songs and sea chanteys, celebrating the Great Age of Sail and the port of New York. The music encourages listeners to sing along!

1:00PM Sander Randall with Todd Rogers and Clay Russel 

Traditional songs and stories about mermaids, gold, shipwrecks, stormy seas, heartbreak, whaling, bigger shipwrecks, and even bigger whales. Two guitars and fiddle...what could be more traditional than that?

Instagram: @sanderrandall 


2pm: Sea Shanty Jam, with Butch Canon and The Brigands -- Bring an instrument and/or your voice, and join the fun! 

Music was critical to the sailing of wooden vessels. It kept the hands working and pulling in unison, through storm and wind and calm. The Brigands bring the music from the deck of HMS Hellion ashore for you to enjoy. A bit rowdy, a bit naughty, always fun and sure to get your blood pumping. Thrill to the calls for “All hands to make sail. Trice up and lay out! “. The Brigands have been called the ultimate pirate band, music that could have been heard in any dockside tavern, where sailors, pirates, buccaneers and privateers all came, to spend their hard earned ( or ill gotten) money, drinking and singing the songs of the era. The Brigands also perform a full Black Powder cannon and small arms demonstration, showing audiences the main weapons that pirates used to become the best known pre-emptive marine salvage experts in the world. The Brigands demonstrate flintlock pistols, muskets and of course, our Beloved Cannons!

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