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Catahoula Cajun Band

Performance: 2:30-3:15pm

Open Jam: 3:15-4pm

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Catahoula Cajun Band is a New York-based group that plays Cajun dance music of South Louisiana. While all the band members hail from north of the Mason-Dixon line, their love of rocking two steps, sweet waltzes, and soulful blues of Acadiana inspired them to bring their Northern take on this Southern sound to the bars, parks, and festivals of the greater New York area. Their aim is to get audiences dancing, or at least tapping their toes, with infectious accordion and fiddle-driven tunes and perhaps inspire a pop-up Louisiana dancehall or two!

Julie Winterbottom- Accordion

Deborah Monlux & Erica Weiss- Fiddle

Anne Jacobs-Vocal & Guitar

Frank Luschinsky Electric bass

Scott Fine, Drums.




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