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Porch Stomp and Flatfoot Flatbush are a part of Make Music New York, a registered 501(c)(3).






Porch Stomp is a folk celebration unlike any other.  Set on the beautiful greenery of Governors Island, Porch Stomp invites over 200 bands, artists, or performing arts organizations to utilize the historic porches of Nolan Park as a pulpit for performance and education, highlighting artistry ranging from traditional folk to old-time, blues, roots, bluegrass and americana.  Now in its seventh year, Porch Stomp offers more unique performance and educational opportunities than ever before with increased performance locations, workshops, food and drink vending, there are a million ways to get involved with Porch Stomp as a performer, student or viewer.  This year there's no better way to spend a Sunday in June!



Porch Stomp is set in the beautiful greenery of Governors Island's Nolan Park, located on the North East corner of the Island.  You can get there by taking ferries from the following locations and following the signs once on Governors Island:


From Manhattan:

Ferry Service available from the Battery Maritime Building:

$3 (Free before noon) - 10 South Street,10005

From Brooklyn:

Ferry Service available from Pier 6

$3 (Free before noon) - Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, 11201


Service also available via NYC Ferry


Porch Stomp: A Brief, Brief history

Porch Stomp was founded in 2014 by Nicholas Horner as a part of the 2014 Make Music New York Festival. Featuring a variety of acts and institutions, Porch Stomp immediately became recognized as a hub for cross-genre folk musicians and folk music lovers to share in celebration a day of music and fun. Today, Porch Stomp has expanded to include over 200 acts and functions by way of a 100% volunteer-run team of artists and community builders. Porch Stomp is fiscally sponsored by Make Music New York, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all contributions are 100% tax deductible. 


MMNY Porch Stomp 2019 Performers


Admiral Radio, Alethea, Ali Aslam, Ali Sperry, Amanda Rose Riley, Andrew Dunn, Angelina DelCarmen Project, Anna May, Bears of Alaska,  The BEasy Band,  Belle Curves, Ben Kogan, Bert Lee, Bethlehem and Sad Patrick, Bob Malenky, Bluegrass Collusion, Blue Plate Special, Bluestone 739, Bobby Blue the Balladeer, Bobby Hawk,  Brandon Whightsel,  Braxton Hicks, Brent Funkhouser, Brooke McGowan,  Bruno Bruzzese,  Cait and the Critters, Cardboard Rocketship,Carl Banks, The Cheddar Boys, Chelsea Paolini, Chris Bethmann , Chris Michael, Chris Q. Murphy, Christine Sweeney,  Clover's Curfew,  Cole Quest and the City Pickers,Country City Band, The Crusty Gentlemen, Dani Mari, Daniel Rauchwerk, Dave & Susan Cadaqu, David Redbranch, The Deadbeat Racketeers, Debe Dalton, Deborah Karpel, Doctor Delia, Doll Magdalene, Doug Goldstein,   Duke’s and the Package, Edith & the Why Nots,, The Eephus Band, Elana Brody, Eliza and the Organix, Emily McNally, Erel, Erik Frandsen, Eoin Kearns and Niall O’Leary, Eron Ackerman, Evy Mayer, E.W. Harris, Fabio Fantuzzi,  Fiddler & The Crossroads, Flora Midwood,  Francis Falls, Gabrielle Marlena, Girl Named T, Glaser Drive, Goodsound, Greta Keating, Gotham City Pickers, HAM Rodeo, Haunted Like Human, HECATE, I’m Not Holden Caulfield,Jammin with Jen, Jane Byaela, Jared Lucrow, Jasper Lewis,  Jeff Jacobs, Jeremy Aaron,  Jeremy Ain, Jesse Cohen,  Jim from Kansas, Johanna Wacker and Mary Duet,  Johnny Nale & Lisa Arce,  Jo Kroger, Jo Malbec, Jonathan Isaac Hagen, ,Jon Luongo,   Jordan Siwek, Josh Taylor, Judy Kass, Justin Kirk, Kama Linden,  Karen Bella,  Karen Dahlstrom, Kate Prascher, Ken Shoji,  Kevin and Cynthia,  Kiril Orenstein, The Kneeling Drunkards,  Kyle Lacy, Lacy James, Lara Ewen, Lara Ewing, Lara Tubman, Larry Legend,  Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen,  Less Than Three, Laura Zarougian, Lauren Scott,  Lenny Molotov, Lindsey Wilson, The Locksmiths, Lonesome Fausto and Friends,  Louise Luger, Lovers League,Man Made Hills, Mandology, Mar Sala, Mara Yaffee, Marcus Jade, Mark Eliot, Mark Meyer,  Mark Singer, Martin Swinger, May Cheung, The Merchantillers,  The Miss Adventures, Mississippi Cotten, Michael Cobb, Michael Donovan,  Michael Lydon, Mike Clifford/ Zach Williams, Mike O' Malley, Miwa Gemini, Monica Passin aka Li'l Mo,   Mountain Maidens, Naeemah, Naomi Vernon,  Nessa, The New Students, Niall Connolly, Nick Horner Family, Nico Padden, Noah Evan Wilson, Olivia and the Significant Others, Out of System Transfer, Pancho Villa's Skull,  Paper Anniversary, Paul Tabachneck, Peadar Hickey, Petra Jasmiina, The Pens, Phil Gammage, Phyllis Elkind,  Preetha & The River Rogues, Racket River Girls, Rella, Reverend TJ McGlinchey, Robert Brashear, Robin Rothman, Robin Greenstein, Roger Manning, Rory D'Lasnow, Ruby Landen, Rustkickers, Ryan Luce, Sarah, Sara Gargano, Sam Brian, Sam Dallas Trio, Sean Kiely, The Sheriff of Goodtimes, Snowy Mountain Sisters, Sophie Buskin, Sourdoe, String Thirys, Stefanie Austin, Stephen Artemis Jr., Steven Blane, Steven Walsh, Sunny's All Stars, The Tall Pines, Tara Dente, Tomoko, Jiayi and Rob,  Tom Schecter,  Tone, Toni and Jeffrey, Tracy Thorne, Turnpike, Val Kinzler, Violizzy and Friends, Z-Man, and Zoe Guigeno

MMNY Porch Stomp 2018 Performers

Aaron Randolph, Alethea and the Lost Cousins, Alex Kramer, Alex MacKinnon, Amanda Frey, Amelia, Jon and Stephen, Andrew Vladeck, Ange and Jeff, Anneliese McCarthy, Bartees Cox, Bears of Alaska, Ben Grace, Bert Lee, Blue Plate Special, Bluegrass Collusion, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Bluegrass Jam, Bucky Hayes, Cait and the Critters, Cancion Franklin, Carl Banks, Caroline Cotter, Chris Q Murphy, Christine Sweeney, Cole Quest and the City Pickers, Cory J Shelly, Cowboys and Indians Band, Curtis and Carla, Cynthia and Kevin, Dan Rauchwerk, Dani Mari, Danni Christian, David Redbranch, David Roger Grossman, Debe Dalton, Dishonest Fiddlers, DK and the Joy Machine, E.W. Harris, Edith, Elana Low Jolley, Emily Frembgen, Eric Lee, Feather, Finn & His Rustkickers, Glaser Drive, Greta Keating, Hameer Zawawi, He Bird, She Bird, Heatherly, Hecate, Hilary Hawke and The Wild Goats, Hopalong Andrew, Howard Weinberg, Hudson Valley Sally, Jake Blount, James Hearne, Jeremy Aaron, Joanna Sternberg, Joel and, Emma Turoff, Joel Landy, Jon Freeman, Joshua Garcia, Judy Kass, Karen Hudson River Trio, Keepin' the Family, Kelli Bruno, Kelly Quigley, Larry Legend, Laura Zarougian and Metok, Lauren Scott, Lindsey Wilson, Lucy & Darius Kalantari, Mara Yaffee, Maria DiFabbio, Mark Meyer, May Cheung, Megg Farrell, Meghann Wright, Melody Allegra Berger, Michael Barrett Donovan, Miwa Gemini, Monica Quaintence, Naeemah, Nate Gerry, Nate Taylor, Nathan Xander, Niall Connolly, Nico Padden, Nicole and Max, Out of System Transfer, Pandafan, Paper Anniversary, Peepa Jean, Petra Jasmiina Haapmaki, Pinkie Promise, Robert Brashear, RoseAnn Fino, Sally Campbell, Sam and Tom, Sean Kiely, Stan Baum, The Eephus Band, The Habit, The Locksmiths, The Mead Mountain Resonators, The Merchantillers, The Morning Sea, The String Thirys, Tone and Trip, Two Brown Eyes, VioLizzy

MMNY Porch Stomp 2017 Performers

The 2nd Avenue Mountain Boys, Alex MacKinnon, Alice Howe, Allison Guinn, All Hands on Deck, Anneliese McCarthy, Bad Faces, Barbara Ely, Bears of Alaska, Belle-Skinner, Ben Kogan Band, Bluegrass Book Club, Bonehart Flannigan, Brian Stollery, Brotherhood, The Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective, Cait and the Critters, Calotype, Carl Banks, Christian Apuzzo, Christine Sweeney, The City Stompers, Cory Shelley, Crystal Jurado, Curtis and Carla, David Redbranch, The Ditmas Pickers, DK & the Joy Machine, DOUGMORE, Driftwood Soldier, East Kill Gypsies, Erel Pilo, Felix Slim, Fort Vine, Graham Norwood, Hecate, Hopalong Andrew, Jalopy Jr Folk School, Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, Jason Reischel, Jeremy Ain, Jon Freeman, The Hoover Dames, The Karen Hudson River Trio, Kathy Zimmer, Kelli Bruno, The Kneeling Drunkards, Krithi, Larry Legend, Lauren Scott, Leaky Lou and the Whistleblowers, The Locksmiths, Lucy Kalantari, Marialena DiFabbio, Mark Meyer, Marri Baehr, Melodic Miners, Nagano/Harmet/Shachar Freegrass Trio, Nathan Xander, Nessa, The New Students, Nick Horner Family, NYC Barn Dance, Owl and Wolf, Pam Agaloos, Paper Anniversary, The Pens, Peter Stampfel The Red Hook Irregulars, The Rustkickers, Sam Jackson, Shovel Ready String Band, Silbin Sandovar, Spuyten Duyvil, Stephen Blair and Amelia Bane, The String Thirys


MMNY Porch Stomp 2016 Performers

Actual Wolf, Andi Rae, DK & The Joy Machine, Jasper Lewis, Jesse Levy, Kneeling Drunkards, Juliette Strong, Barry Komitor & Friends, Lucy Kalentari, Jess Labus, 

Craig Greenberg, Krithi, Jesse Merandy of The Breakneck Boys, Dan Saulpaugh,

Meghann Wright, Carl Banks, Owl and Wolf, Calotype, Fort Vine, Sky Diamonds, Alex McKinnon, Eric Vitoff, My Other Axe, DOUGMORE, The Tumble, 2nd Avenue Mountain Boys, Fausto Bozza,The Pens,The Crusty Gentlemen, Curtis and Carla, Spuyten Duyvil,

Frank Bell, The New Students, String Sound, Bonehardt Flannigan, Stillhouse 

Widows, Moonshine Falls, Keepin' The Family, Squirrels of Connecticut & Tanbark

MMNY Porch Stomp 2015 Performers

Actual Wolf, The Alex Mallett Band, Bonehart Flannigan, City Stompers with Clarence Ferrari, Columbus, Dougmore, Dylan Sneed, Gypsy George, Glaser Drive Homesick Hound Dogs, The Idiot Brigade, Ivy, Beck and Neil, The Locksmiths, Mike O’Malley, My Other Axe, The New Students, The Nick Horner FamilyThe NYC Sacred Harp Singers, Sara Bouchard and the Salt Parade, Stephen Bak Tanbark, That Moon, Union Oil Company

MMNY Porch Stomp 2014 Performers

The Alex Mallett Band, Ellery Marshall and Friends, The Bromley 

Mansionettes, Brooklyn Express, The Crusty Gentlemen, Curtis Becraft, 

Eva Salina, Fausto Bozza, Feral Foster, Fiddlin’ Damian Boucher, 5 Mile String Band, Ibex, The Idiot Brigade, Jan Bell, Kings County Ramblers, 

The Lilted, The Locksmiths,The New Students, NorthEast Corners,
NYC Sacred Harp Singers, The Pens, Phil Cohen, Red Hook Irregulars,
Sara Bouchard & the SALT PARADE, Stephanie Jenkins, Stephen Bak, 

The Triple A String Band featuring Alan Friend, Amy Melson & Howard Weinberg, Union Street Preservation Society, Willy Gantrim,
Wyndham Baird

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Producer and Curator
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