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Thank you for your interest in performing at Porch Stomp 2022!  Please take the time to read the below FAQ THOROUGHLY before submitting your request to participate in Porch Stomp 2022: 




Q : What is Porch Stomp?


A : Porch Stomp is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the folk music community in NYC.  With innovative and engaging programming, Porch Stomp has been connecting musicians and communities for over 6 years.  We are entirely volunteer-run and community funded, meaning that everything you see or hear from Porch Stomp is a product of the blood, sweat and tears from musicians and music lovers just like you!  


Q : Wait a minute, I thought Porch Stomp was a festival? 


A : It is!  Our June festival and our organization share the same name.  Porch Stomp (the organization) also hosts an annual flatfooting parade each December called Flatfoot Flatbush as well as regular programming, a blog, and a video series called Porch Stomp Presents!  Check them out at www.porchstomp.com  


Q : When is this year’s Porch Stomp festival? 


 A : Saturday, June 18th, 2022


Getting to and from Governors Island:


Capacity on Governors Island ferries will be limited during the 2022 season to allow for social distancing. All visitors, including those who are eligible for a free fare, must reserve tickets in advance through the ticket reservation system below. Ferries run from:

  • Lower Manhattan: The Battery Maritime Building, located at 10 South Street (DAILY)

  • Brooklyn: Red Hook/Atlantic Basin, located at the intersection of Pioneer Street and Conover Street (SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY).

You can find the ferry schedule and more information about taking the ferry here: https://govisland.com/visit-the-island/ferry




Porch Stomp is truly a one of a kind festival.  Artists perform on the historic porches and greens of Nolan Park for festival goers without any amplification and within eyesight of anywhere from 10 to 20 other performances. Nolan Park makes an oval shape around a shaded green space, so Porch Stomp goers will often sit and picnic in the green area and watch performances, and the park is located along the walking path that connects Nolan Park to the rest of Governors Island. In 2022, performances will also take place in the Parade Grounds and Colonel’s Row, to allow for greater social distancing. 


Q: How is the booking process for Porch Stomp 2022 different than in years past? 


Because of the wonderfully overwhelming volume of artists who reach out wanting to be part of Porch Stomp, combined with limited administrative capacity on Porch Stomp’s end, all Porch Stomp 2021 stages will be booked through our excellent curators. In order to apply to be part of Porch Stomp, please submit a Porch Stomp 2021 Artist Expression of Interest Form. Your information will be shared directly with the Porch Stomp curators, who will use this artist portal for their bookings. (Note: Porch Stomp curators can also book artists outside of the artist portal, so if you know someone curating a stage or are interested in playing a particular stage, feel free to reach out to these people directly.) 


Q: What happens if I don’t get booked for Porch Stomp 2022? 


There are still plenty of opportunities to participate in Porch Stomp! Our open mic stage will be available to any performers looking to do a short set. There will also be several participatory jams and workshops, including a bluegrass jam, and old time jam, and a slow jam. All of these will be social distanced events. 


Q: What if my band uses an electric keyboard, electric bass or another instrument that must be be amplified?


A: Come up with an alternative version of your instrument for the festival.  Keyboards can be exchanged for melodicas, electric basses can be exchanged for upright bass.  Because of the proximity of the performances, amplification can be incredibly disruptive to nearby performers, and can negatively affect the overall vibe of the festival. We occasionally work with artists for whom amplification is critical to the nature of their performance — feel free to address mmnyporchstomp@gmail.com with questions or concerns regarding a request to utilize amplification.


Q: Is there anything that isn’t allowed?


A: Because of the proximity of stage locations in our festival, in past years we have not allowed tambourines, triangles, and drum kits, because they cause too much sound bleed. However, due to the spread out nature of the 2021 festival, we are hoping to be able to accommodate these types of instrumentation. If you are planning to have one of these instruments as part of you act, we request that notice must be given directly to Porch Stomp at least a month n advance of the festival date to ensure performance locations can be placed at an appropriate distance to guarantee a quality festival experience for all participants. 


Q: Is Porch Stomp a ‘paid gig’?


A : Try not to think of Porch Stomp as a ‘gig’ but instead a ‘family reunion’.  In the past, Porch Stomp has presented 200+ acts on festival day, offering an opportunity for artists have an amazing time, network and meet your next biggest fan.  Since no one pays or is paid to be there, everyone at Porch Stomp is there because they love the community and they love music. While the pandemic has taken away our ability to attain formal sponsorship, we are excited to still offer artists giveaways in whatever way we can in the form of Porch Stomp merch.  


Q : If we aren't paid, where does the donation money go?  How can I or someone I know donate?


A: Porch Stomp is entirely volunteer run and operated, and funds raised go into things like marking and promotion (design costs, printed postcards, flyers, business cards, social media advertising, merch), operations (website, physical signage, tent and table rentals, insurance, permits, etc), and artist support (artist videos, curator stipends, artist amenities).  We pride ourselves in being run by community for the community, so every dime you donate will be coming right back at you!  To donate, visit our website: www.porchstomp.com


Q : How soon will I know the time and location of my performance?


A : You will know the exact time of your performance a week before Porch Stomp.


Note : Some performances will happen on the porches of Nolan Park, hence the name “Porch Stomp”.  However, due to capacity issues and new COVID protocols on Governors Island, we can not promise a porch for any stage — some performances and set up out on the green or in various locations throughout the grounds. Thanks in advance for your understanding! 


Q : What if it rains? 


A : Typically Porch Stomp takes place rain or shine. In 2021, we will evaluate this in light of COVID infection rates and protocol at the time, and make a decision that makes the most sense in the moment. 


Q : Is there food and drink available at Porch Stomp?


A: Yes!  There will be food and drink brought to you by our friends at The Cowgirl Seahorse.  There are also a number of food vendors a short walk from Nolan Park near Liggett Terrace.  Also, Nolan Park happens to be the best picnic location in New York.  Feel free to invite friends and have them bring a spread to share. You won't regret it.  


Q : Can I bring alcohol to the island? 


A : “No”.


Q : Should I plan to leave right after my set? 


A : What an odd question!  Naw, man!  Porch Stomp is a community and has served as a support system for any number of up and coming folk arts.  Stick around, make friends, and get ready for the magical finale jam that happens every year.  Some of the best Porch Stomp moments happen when you least expect them! We also encourage you to come early and enjoy performances that take place before your set. 


Q : Finally, is there a launch party this year?


A :  No, unfortunately we will not be holding an official get together to respect the health and safety of all involved. There will be an optional pre-festival Zoom the week of the event, for artists and curators to meet and ask questions. 




Porch Stomp artists are solely responsible for complying with any and all local, state

and federal laws regarding social distancing requirements, due to the COVID-19

pandemic, as well as any rules that Porch Stomp leadership decides are appropriate and necessary at the time of the festival. This may include but is not limited to: 

Wearing a mask, even when performing

Maintaining a 6 foot distance from other Porch Stomp performers and attendees at all times




I understand that artist names and images may be used for current or future promotional materials, unless otherwise requested. Requests must be emailed to mmnyporchstomp@gmail.com


And a special note:


Porch Stomp is not liable for your actions and decisions on Governors Island.  Please be respectful to the grounds and courteous to all Governors Island and Porch Stomp staff and officials.




The Porch Stomp Team


Nicholas Horner, Producer

Theo Boguszewski, Producer